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For many years I have helped women through difficult times. The first was when I was 18, and was able to successfully console a 30+ year old woman through a difficult and violent divorce and give her the courage she needed to live her own life again and eventually find the man of her dreams. She is still with him.

Since then, I have consoled many women on relationship and sexual problems. I have had a fairly good success rate in the past, and while I seem to be less interested in devoting my time lately, as my time is often divided up enough as it is, I still do occasionally help people I know.

in 2007, I seriously considered becoming a sex surrogate. I would often find that I was good at helping women overcome problems and become confident in the bedroom again. Some would say I have a gift for making women feel comfortable around me. Much of my work originated on the internet, in chats, and often on MMO games such as World of Warcraft. On my server I became so well known, as 'The Doc" that people I didn't even know would be referred to me from people I had already helped. It came to a point where I began to charge several cold coins per hour, and I actually did make money (all-be-it fake money).

Sexual and Relationship Therapy was a common thing for me to engage in, and I actively looked to reach out towards people I knew were hurting. I still do every now and then. Of course I do mention that, hey, I am only here to help guide you... For once I help you build up your courage to go off on your own again, I will let you fly free. I have never really had a problem in that regard, as I make it pretty clear that I am only here to help, and I am taken and happily married.

I guess I often wonder if I should become a full fledged surrogate? It comes naturally to me, and I am patient, and do enjoy a good cuddling session. But do I really have time to divide myself that much? Regardless of the time, how would I actually go about doing this?

I know I would likely make some good money doing this, but do I really have the time? likely not. I tend to spread myself fairly thin, and ensuring I still have enough time for my own wife, is important too.

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