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Buffalo seems to have this huge plague of streetlights and road signs and guard rails which need serious repair. Not to mention the potholes. But we won't go there. Since I have moved to Buffalo some almost 3 years ago now, I have seen Street Lamps knocked down and left on the side of the road for years. Where I came from in Toronto, whenever there was an accident in the city or surrounding areas and a pole was knocked down, the Hydro company would come out and replace the pole, usually right after the accident cleared the scene. It seems that in Buffalo this is not the case. Street Lamps are left to rust away where they were left after the car was removed from the accident. Live AC power wires are taped up with electrical tape and left dangling out of the ground with a pylon on top of them for protection. Not only is this unsafe, but it also makes the city look crappier then it already looks. This is sending a message that not even the city cares about taking care of its property, so why should property owners? I am sure everyone in Buffalo has noticed this. One drive up the Scajaquada Expressway will present you with a number of examples of this situation. This street lamp featured below has been there for as long as I can remember, and it even has rust on it where the paint has been chipped away. I know it costs money to repair them, but at least remove the old ones? Why leave them laying around? Not only is it an asthetics thing, but it is also a traffic safety thing. What if you lost control of your car and hit one of these... It is very possible that it could impale you. Roadside features are designed to break and reduce damage and increase safety. But if they are left in a manner such as this, they actually introduce a great threat. Remember that post I did back in December where I had helpped someone who got into an accident infront of my house? Well gee wizz, the street lamp is still not repaired. Surprised? I am not. Get your act together Buffalo... Seriously.

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