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Strange image issues and Arcsoft issues.


graphics Low resolution images in ads and on my task bar.

I don't really know what to make of this. Besides it being some sort of Adobe issue, I really can't figure out how some ads are low resolution. Not that I care, but the issue also appears to happen on Skype and on some of my taskbar icons. This issue doesn't happen with normal /jpg's or other static images, nor is youtube or any other video site effected. Also my gaming graphics are excellent as usual.Is this some sort of strange psychological warfare that Adobe is playing on me, or perhaps some other entity? Or maybe some well hidden virus that my scanners aren't picking up? Not sure.

In an unrelated note, I was running Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 the other day and found a strange issue. A program that I really have never used, which came with my computer, called Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre was apparently calling home so much that it was using up more network resources then Firefox with all my 20 tabs opened. I was like WTF! What could this program be doing that it is eating up this much bandwidth to constantly call home (to its '' domain, which is apparently out of china!). I am thinking it is a data gathering sponge, especially since I have never used it and it is sending all this data. Needless to say I instantly removed it.

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