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As I mentioned in a previous article, I have been keeping quite busy.


My major project for the spring of 2017 involved installing a Mini-Split AC/Heat Pump in the loft area of my garage. The loft is an insulated room, which used to be a hay loft in my garage, which was formerly a carriage house. The reason for the AC, was to make it bearable for me to work up there in the summer months. In the winter months, the Heat Pump can function as a heater as well, but I would supplement that with space heaters as needed.

This was my first time dealing with an AC unit, and I think I did fairly well in the install and setup of this device. I did learn a few things along the way, and yeah, I made a few small, but correctable mistakes. But I learned and accomplished the goal of finishing the job! Now I have nice cold air up in the loft, and have begun the process of renovating the loft.

Lofty Lair

I have given the name "The Lofty Lair" to the whole loft project. The Lofty Lair project is aimed at turning the space into a multi use lounge, with a model railroad, an open lounge space, and also some adult related equipment. There will most likely be a shower located up there, in one of the corners, as well as a fridge and perhaps a microwave. The loft is also equip with a multi-mode fiber optical connection, which links it to the main house's internet. A gigabit switch is located out there to facilitate the addition of IP Cameras in and around the garage, onto the network, so they can be recorded on the DVR in the house. There is also a wireless access point.

Model Railroad: SVNO

I have settled on a final layout for the model railroad, and it will fit in the space around the walls in the Lofty Lair. I am quite excited to get some benchwork up and begin work on this project. But I also don't want to rush into it. I want to make sure I am going to be doing everything right, and have all my ducks in a row, so to speak, before I begin to frame anything in. Specifically, the power / electrical situation. I will be adding posts about the SVNO on this blog, but you can reach the general overview page for this project by using the domain


I have kind of been ushered into the role of taking on the responsibility of running a local 'neighborhood watch' type group. Initially I was skeptical that I would really enjoy it, but as I mulled the idea over, I discovered that this group could allow me to form social connections. Not only that, but I could mold the group to operate in a manner which I think would better benefit the community, and help people out in the process. I think it would be a good focus for my energy, and assuming the City and the Police department are supportive, I believe it would be the best thing for me to do at this time.

This project may involve the use of flashing lights, camera systems, radio communications, and even possibly drones. In a way, it gives me a reason to get back into HAM Radio, and emergency response work. Both fields which I have kind of let slide over the years, due to no real reason to utilize either. I have even considered getting the group to set up a Hamfest of its own, to help generate money towards group equipment.

This has helped me focus on my vehicles, and bringing them back up to scratch. This weekend, I plan on getting my Crown Vic painted and looking presentable again, for example. Not only that, but I have purchased vehicle camera systems, and some additional light systems, to bring my vehicles back up to 360 degree emergency lighting standards.

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