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So we have been feeding birds on our roof lately. And noticed something I never noticed before. Growing up in the Suburbs of Toronto, most of the Starlings in the area were of the black variety. Similar to this photo.

However I noticed some brown starlings on my roof, fighting with the black ones for chunks of bread. I then got confused - Whats with the different colours? So I looked it up. Unlike the Black Toronto Grey Squirrels, this doesn't appear to be a regional mutation. As it turns out, the black starlings come from Africa... The brown speckled starlings come from Europe... This brought a whole new light to the bird world, and opened up the door for a lot of potentially politically incorrect jokes, and monty python references directed towards the starlings. For one, I noticed that the European Starlings generally only congragated in groups of no more then 2 or 3. They would be enjoying a meal on my roof, when a gang of 10 to 15 African Starlings fly in and scare them away... I lul'ed.

My sources for this information were Wikipedia. You can read about them here: Just to be clear, I am not trying to be racist. Just some light hearted saterical humor.

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