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Things have been going a lot better lately. Anxiously awaiting the closing date for our new house. Got a nice raise at work, and the weather is getting nicer.


I have decided that I want to get a push mower for the new house. An unusual decision for a fat guy like myself, but I do want to start loosing weight, and I am not just saying that either. I figure with a quiet push mower, I can get up early on the weekend (which is my usual schedule) and mow the lawn right after sunrise without waking the neighbours up.

I also want to walk in the mornings after work. Likely along the Canal / River. At least in the good weather. I have started eating healthier, and really watching what I eat.


I still kinda laugh about Fukushima. I mean I mentioned about an hour or so after it happened that the plant was going to melt down, and I also mentioned that we would detect radiation here in the US and Canada. Of course everyone thought I was crazy... What does Roadwolf know? Well... Guess what? They detected higher then normal radiation in PA about 14 days after the incident, which is about right for the time frame I laid out. And now they are detecting higher then normal radiation in drinking water in a number of cities across America, and in some milk as well.

Sure it isn't enough to panic about, but it is still there, thus I was correct. Those who called me a fear monger, and said I didn't know what I was talking about can go fuck themselves :P

In other news, I got a Bag of Crap from on April 1st. For those who don't know, this is kind of a hard item to get, as people usually spam the servers when they pop up. It is 3 dollars, plus 5 dollars shipping. And you get at least 3 random items. Usually worth more then 8 dollars, often worth more then 20 dollars combined. Sometimes you can even get a big screen TV!


Currently working on 2 websites. One of them was a new addition. It was created due to the crash of encyclopedia dramatica. I hope to populate it with stories about control freaks on the internet.

The other website, is, which I am going to be shifting its focus slightly. It will become a wiki for railroad themed things.

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