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Sunni's equate to 90% of the Islamic population, while Shia's make up about the other 10%. ISIS is Sunni. Shia's are considered extreme Islam. But Shia's are fighting the Sunni's, so we like them. Shia's views on Islam are more pure, believing that only the blood line of Muhammed are fit to be rulers or leaders in the Islamic faith. Sunni's believe that anyone can be a leader in the faith. President Obama was raised a Muslim and is said to be a member of the Sunni Islamic faith (mostly due to his multicultural upbringing).

~inhales and takes a breath...~ So... Obama takes over the leadership of a country (USA) in the midst of a war in Iraq which is mostly occupied by Shia Islamic populations. Things seem to go downhill a bit, and the extraction of troops is delayed. Iraq's government, which, under Bush, was stabilizing, becomes more unstable under Obama. As the American forces leave Iraq, ISIS/ISIL enters, taking over formerly held American positions and weapons caches. Now remember that ISIS is Sunni.

Meanwhile... in Syria, Bashar_al-Assad, the Syrian President since 2000, receives support from the Shia Islamic peoples. Syria has a huge Shia population of about 3 million. The Alawis sect is the main political power which keeps President Assad in power in Syria. So, while I can't confirm this, and am too lazy to really dig too deeply on this matter, it seems that President Assad might be Shia? So this explains why ISIS is in Syria and Iraq. This also explains why President Obama seems to want to make President Assad look bad.

The Sunni ISIS group invades and wages war against the Shia's in Syria, and President Assad looses control of the situation. Especially with the threat of NATO attacks on the Syrian Army. So the Shia population gets scared, and many flee... Into Europe. Members of an extreme Islamic group, all fleeing into Europe, and Canada, and anywhere else which would take them. While the Sunni groups continue their war, generally unopposed.

Now however, Russia, and other countries, such as France have begun targeting Sunni groups, such as ISIS. So does this mean they are friends with the Shia group? Or just an ally of Syria as a country. And of course the US is being tasked with stepping up our attacks against ISIS... But ISIS is Sunni, and we like the Sunni's now? Even tho the Sunni's are bad? But... Okay, so I admit I am a bit confused here.

But this does sound a lot like the early crusades for the holy grail. Which spawned a huge divide in Christian faiths. Imagine, if Jesus's bloodline had even been discovered? Maybe it has, but it is well hidden. For good reason I imagine, as it would likely cause a divide greater than that which is going on right now between Sunni and Shia.

At this point it would be difficult to convince me that NATO and in fact much of the Western world isn't being played into part of a huge holy war. So who do we trust? Who are our real friends, and who are our enemies? By 'our' I mean the global we. The common man... The common non-religious man. Or even the common pagan, or Christian. Or Taoist. Or whatever...

Also note that Al-Qaeda was a Sunni group as well. So are Abu Sayyaf (Philippines) , Boko Haram (West Africa), Turkistan Islamic Party (China), Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt)...

Libya is 97% Sunni. Almost like how 97% of the worlds scientists believe in global warming... Anyhow, Gaddafi was also Sunni, but he was also trying to develop his own form of government called the Third International Theory. Some claim this might have been the reasons behind this downfall.

I have been studying a lot of history lately. One of my main focuses has been on the early origins of Russia. It seems that in the 8th and 9th centuries, the origins of Russia were beginning. Guess where the first Russian capitol city was? Kiev... That is right, Kiev, which is today the capitol of Ukraine. It was a country called Kiev Rus, and was where the origins of Russian law and political structure began. Ukraine wasn't fully recognized as a country until Stalin basically made it a country in the 1920's. So it seems that Russia really has every right to be in Ukraine.

Just some random thoughts, and confused ponderings... take them as you will.

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