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One thing that annoys me greatly is pure incompetence. I know a few people who are generally incompetent, and that aspect of them annoys me greatly. What makes it worse, is that these people often talk like they know their stuff, but when it comes to the physical ability of actually tackling the physical work, or putting their knowledge to the test, they are incapable of handling the tools or preforming the actions needed to get the job done. This usually results in me grabbing the tool from their hands and finishing the job for them.

That being said, I am by no means an expert at anything. I understand systems and how things connect with each other. That is my strong point. I am technically minded and know how to solder and work on electronics. That is my profession and I feel competent doing this work. I am however not overly skilled at things like wood working, website development, or mechanics, as I have very little practice in those regards (sure I have a few websites, but their mostly made with templates). So I generally seek advice and help with these things. What annoys me is people who have little experience or ability, but still claim that they know their shit, and refuse to yield to others who may have more experience or admit that others have more experience. In some cases I have even seen these people claim that the work that someone else had to do for them because they were incapable of doing it, was actually their own work.

Bad Idea Son

People who have 'been down that road before' and have found that whatever it is you plan on doing doesn't work for them, so they preach to high heaven that it is a bad idea for you to try it. This is quite an annoyance. In some ways, I could accept friendly advice, saying "hey, I have tried that, it didn't work out for me." Or even if its a person who is concerned for your safety or what not to say "Hey, I wouldn't do that, I really don't think it is safe because ____." But to continue to preach and be become belligerent about the topic, is going a little beyond some friendly advice. After all, sometimes things that don't work for other people will work better or be more enjoyable to you then they were for those people... Its all about trying new things and seeing what you enjoy. In life we only have one life to live, and granted life saving advice should not be taken lightly.

For an example: I have been thinking about getting a motorcycle. I am in no rush to get out on the road on one, and willing to take my time to do it right. I got offered a free motorcycle which is fairly old and has a interesting history. But a friend is preaching to me not to take it, or even look at it, suggesting that even if it was in peak physical shape, I would kill myself on it. I do understand that at 500lbs, a 750cc motorcycle is a bit much for a beginner. But I do have a brain and can tell if I get myself into something I can't handle, and therefore I believe I am kinda insulted by this advice. Firstly, I have a long driveway where I could get used to manuvering the motorcycle at slow speeds, and if I felt it was too much at that point to handle, I would trade it for a smaller bike. Secondly, I am a larger person (300lbs) and feel that a larger bike would be easier for me, and safer, as with a smaller lighter bike, my center of gravity would be a lot higher - and thus more unstable. But even this doesn't seem like it is good enough for this person. I do appreciate the concern, but I also wish to take some advice from others as well.

Being someone you aren't

Phoney people also annoy me greatly. And no, not so much the barbie wannabe's or current pop stars who sell their souls for fame. I could give two shits about them, to me those people are not humans, and are to be completely ignored. No, what I am talking about are people who can't be themselves because they are afraid of what others may think of them, or because they want to give a false impression as to who they really are. I have a lot more respect for a openly gay man with rainbow colored hair, then I do for a closet homosexual who dresses like a biker to look tough. I try to be who I am, and am fairly open about it. Yeah, I am some creepy fat guy who is a part time nudist, and has polyamorous tendencies. So yeah ladies, I might check you out. You may think I am creepy, but really, I imagine I could show you one of the best times of your life, and I do not believe I am over compensating anything by saying that. None the less, back on topic, I believe that we should all be happy with who we are. No need to worry about being too fat, when in fact you are a perfectly healthy person. No need to be shy about that slight discoloration on your face, it makes you unique. And no need to worry about your sexual preference, that is who you are, don't hide from it. Be yourself and you will be respected a great deal more, and be more attractive to those you seek, then someone who is always hiding from their past or their true self.

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