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I am now a Knight of the No Agenda show!

The No Agenda show has been my avenue for sanity over the last several years. While I see the world crumbling around me, they have given me insight and provided an entertaining view on current events. They typically focus on news which is either bullshit, or news which is true, but under-reported. They also tend to focus on following humorous personality traits found in politicians and newscasters, and tend to harp on them to the point that it does make politics entertaining.

I would say they really have No Agenda per sae. They are both humanists, and tend to have an objective outlook. Both Adam and John have vast experience, from Adams MTV fame, to his fame in Europe and owning a Helicopter company. He has also been instrumental in the original development of Podcasting, and in the early years of the internet, having been involved in some high profile .com era legal battles. John has been a best selling Author and worked in many professions, including both private and public sector positions. This vast experience gives them some interesting insights, and while they may not be experts on everything, they will typically make an effort to understand what they do not, or correct themselves if they are wrong.

The show consists of Adam and John talking about current events, like two guys might if they were hanging out together. They will often play clips for source or reference material to support each others arguments, and typically will try to out do each other with the most entertaining clip.

Often I find that conclusions or predictions made on the show end up being true, even when the mainstream media said otherwise.


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