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We have a private WoW server. This is for my friends and I to enjoy. Yes, it is free.

This server runs WoW at 3.3.5a, Wrath of the Lich King. Probably one of the better builds of WoW in my opinion.

The server is a repack, based on the Trinity Repacks. What this means, is that it is essentially a rebuild of the WoW server, but it isn't quite an actual WoW server. So while most things are the same, there will be some oddities, and bugs that you will encounter. But everything is supposed to work as it should, most of the time.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to read the whole page! Perks and important information at the bottom.

Click here to download a copy of the game Client files

Register an Account!

Register your account name here: FlyingCircus WoW Registration

This is the account you will be able to use on the server. This is not a Blizz or account. This is simply an account for this private server.

When you run wow.exe and get to the login screen, you will enter the Account Name, and your password that you set up here.


Community Info

At the moment, most of the players are on the Alliance side. However this is a Cross-Factional Server. You can communicate, group and trade with people on either faction. The server is set up to allow fast leveling, and monsters are generally nerfed slightly to allow for easier solo play. Reputation gains are also increased.
The server has a level cap of level 80. It is a stable, 24/7 dedicated server. Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and the Auction House are all functional. Every player starts out with 10 Gold at Level 1 (I found that people had issues starting at level 10, as they didn't have the gear and equipment or skills needed to fight level 10 enemies. Leveling up properly is important). How you gear up, and choose your skills is up to you. We will not provide free gear or extra money. The Auction House is stocked with raw materials and basic items by an AH Bot, who will also buy items as well, if they are reasonably priced.

Progression is about 3x to 4x faster, with easier rep and skill leveling. Progression and difficulty will be scaled as needed to fine tune it. Currently enemy mobs are about 90% of their former power, and players have a slight buff above default values. So soloing is a tad easier too.

The discord channel for the server is located here: Discord Invite Link


If you recruit a single friend, you may get the recruit a friend perk. You also will earn 50 gold, for both you and your friend.

If you recruit 2 friends to join the server you will be able to request that ONE of your characters may be leveled up to any level you desire. You will also be compensated for the cost of learning new talents for that character (usually about 100 gold). However, you should know that skill points, gear and rep must still be earned.

If you recruit 5 friends to join the server, you may have GM Level 1 status, and 2 characters leveled up to whatever level you desire! You will also be compensated for the cost of learning new talents for that character.

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