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Science. It is a word that is in great use the past several years. It seems like almost half my lifetime, I have been bombarded with the word Science to explain or push a belief system on me.

Belief system? But it is science? It isn't a belief. It is true. It is fact!

Is it?

See the early field of science was all about proving ones work, and being open to critique. Science goes back many hundreds of years, and it's study used to be very structured.

Today we don't see science in the same light - at least in popular culture. The mainstream media, government propagandists, and big tech companies want you to believe the 'science' that they push is undisputable. When many people question and dispute it. Including field specific publications!

And that is key. You see, field specific publications are the backbone of what makes for true scientific study. But who reads those publications? Scientists - Maybe... If they run out of other reading material on the shitter.

Science is about publishing theories and findings and being open to having those theories, findings and discoveries questioned, and tested to prove you right OR wrong.

Science is not pure fact that must blindly be accepted.

Anyone who suggests this is the case - that science must blindly be accepted, has transitioned from a true scientist, to a religious scientist who blindly expects people to follow the faith that they preach.

Don't like what I have to say about this? Prove me wrong. Or am I just supposed to believe you and stop questioning you?

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