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Salt Water Aquarium Project!

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I have taken the first steps towards a new and challenging hobby! Now now, I know, you will be saying "Hey Roadwolf.. Do you really need another project?" Yeah, I do have a lot of hobbies and projects on my plate I suppose. Problem is, many of them are more focused towards some sort of social aspect. Like my Model Railroad for example. The Aquarium will mostly be something I can sink money in for my own enjoyment. Something in my home office, which I can watch while I relax.

I already have a 90 Gallon aquarium, and a stand for it. I also purchased a water chiller which will help keep the water temperature stable in the summer months. My next purchase will be a RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionization) system, to create purified water, and a holding tank (Likely a 45 Gallon Drum) which will hold the purified water for ATO (Auto Top Off) purposes. I'll have to set up some sort of automated doping system for that as well. Then purchase a few pumps and a heater, and build a Sump for filtration, and purchase a Protein Skimmer. Then comes the fun part of automating all of that, purchasing some live sand, and live rocks, and seeing if I can reach a stable chemical balance.

I don't foresee any fish or corals being purchased for this project until maybe Late Summer / Early Fall. But we shall see :) Will keep the blog updated. For now, I need to paint the wall behind where I will be placing the aquarium (and eventually the whole room).

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