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Rose Line

The one thing this world in general is missing right now is Love. True love. Not just, "Oh I love my wife because she makes me look good and gives me great sex", but rather being unable to be away from your loved one for extended periods of time to the point that you get shakey and unable to focus.

I know I am not a special snowflake, and that yes other people are experiencing deep emotions of love, and other things right now. But there are also a lot of people who are paralyzed right now. Unable to think, or act or even converse without just bringing up talking points and reciting things they have seen on TV or Social Media in the last 24 hours. It is kind of scary in a way.

For me, I yearned to find someone whose mind wasn't altered by the numerous TV shows that most people are glued to these days. I wasn't looking for someone to fit some sort of role that a film actor plays on some show. I wasn't looking for someone who had the most friends on Facebook. None of that mattered to me. In fact, having tons of Facebook friends, and needing to stay up to date on all the fancy shows on Netflix or what-have-you would likely be a detractor for me.

These days it seems so many people have been programmed in a specific way, that many people are looking for people with programming similar to theirs. The human connection and bonds seem to be rare. These days in the world of dating, one is often judged based on their Facebook profile, or their blog (hello there!) or their photos online before even meeting someone. Attention spans are short, and if someone doesn't instantly say the right programmed things to tick the correct pre defined expectation boxes, then they are booted off of a shortlist, and the next candidate enters the ring.

I will say that the more I think about the documents which were found in Hunter Mountain (Not Hunter's Laptop), NY were very telling. The marriage record between Jesus and Mary!?! There is much talk about revelations and the coming of the apocalypse. But what is the Apocalypse? This Revalations Bible Study does a pretty good job at answering that. I do wonder if there is a bloodline? And if so, what would it mean? Would the church and the power hungry try to hunt it down and destroy the evidence to maintain their power? Keeping in mind the Church for centuries has worked to portray the religion as a patriarchal - Men rule - establishment. So the idea that Jesus and Mary were married is scary to them. But did you know that Mary wasn't the only female apostle? Of course, I imagine to many readers, this whole topic of Mary being the wife of Jesus might even be a surprise. But they did indeed love each other - they were devoted and loyal to each other.

But what happens when love doesn't exist in a marriage? Is it truly a sin to dissolve a loveless, manipulative and emotionally abusive marriage? If so, is it a sin by the churches patriarchal standards? Or by Gods standards? Is God really that sadistic that he would force a good person into a lifetime of loveless servitude just because of a vow they took under duress? I have been friends with so many women in rough marriages that, for me that is a question I often wonder about. Of course I often only see one side of the story, but it seems that people just want love, and don't enjoy being treated as an object. Totally understandable in my eyes.

True love is indeed hard to find. And yet coming full circle to the beginning of the post (in that I am going to reference Movies right now which speak to me), there have been a few films lately which have explored the deeper aspects of love. I do find these films intriguing. Maybe it is because I am but a meer lovesick Pisces who just wants to see the good in everyone and help save those he values. But I am inspired a little bit by Interstellar, and the idea that Love can transcend time, and space and even death. It is truly a force which carries us beyond the dimensions we are familiar with. The latest film from the Matrix franchise also explores Love. Resurrection implies that as a couple Neo and Trinity produce so much energy that they are un-stoppable. Both need to exist in order to flourish as a powerful entity. But when they are alone, their powers are limited. Another movie I have re-watched lately was the DiVinci Code. Surprise surprise?

Will you spend more time talking to your partner today than you do browsing Facebook or any other social platform? Will you be genuinely interested in how their day went? Or will you be more apt to talk about the last thing you saw someone post about what Putin said? With so many people focusing on current events, and changing their Facebook profile picture or colors to virtue signal for whatever is the latest trend (however misguided or misinformed they are about it - but hey, I am just a blogger, who am I to question anything?), how many truly appreciate their partners? How many feel that deep love, or need their partners loving arms around them? Or are so many of us so far gone that all we focus on it what they tell us to focus on? And love? What of it?

There are times I do feel bad. As I grow older, I begin to realize that it is unlikely that I will ever have that fairytale wedding, and have enough time to raise a child of my own with a loving wife by my side. I do hope that one day I can see that tho, but sometimes time and distance don't play fair. As time ticks away, it is possible that isn't in the cards for me. It is an interesting time in which to live. But I do think I would prefer to live in the 1800's, and live a simple life away from the global influencers.

The Rose is a symbol of love and appreciation. It is also a symbol of Mary, wife of Jesus. And perhaps of the bloodline that she nursed into existence.

All of this is something interesting to ponder that has deeper significance than a slap across the face and some cursing on live TV.

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