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Role-Play and Fantasy

Roleplay and Fantasy

Role-playing (RP) is an active method to tell a fictional story, written by more than one participant in real time. This is an art form, in truth, if done well. Role-playing can improve your typing, and spelling skills, and invigorates your imagination. Some of my earlier experiences with role-playing occurred in the Police and Fire chat rooms on Yahoo! Chat, back in the late 90's. At the same time however, that transitioned to real life, as I eventually formed very close real bonds with some of the special people I had met there.

I sometimes found myself identifying as a wolf online, in any situation where it would seem natural to be one. Typically I would prefer to identify as a natural, wild wolf, and not as a humanized wolf (furry). In other cases I would role-play as famous world leaders, and military generals. My favorite leader to role-play is Catharine the Great, only because she had a bit of naughty side that appealed to me. Not because she was female... In fact that was likely the only case I would role-play as a female. There were times I have role-played as a cougar, but that didn't last long. Lately however, I find it harder and harder to Role-Play as anything other than my human self.

World of Warcraft was a huge portal for role-playing for myself between about 2007 and 2010. Followed by Team Fortress 2 in the following years. In both cases I typically took on my role in game, and rarely strayed from that role. When I began seeking another forum to role-play in, I began exploring post-by-post RP in forums. I also began to join Furry based Facebook groups at the time. But I didn't really like the idea of Role-Playing on Facebook, and turned to my own website, as well as Skype for a while. It wasn't long before I stumbled upon IMVU, and decided to try it out. Within the span of a Month I had a wolf pack set up on IMVU.

I found that I tended to be quite skilled in the art of role-playing, and began to mentor people in the proper way to build and develop a well flowing story. I eventually wrote my 'Fantasy Role Playing 101' Tutorial Series on this blog, in order to help teach people the basic mechanisms of how to be somewhat proficient in the art of Role-Playing.

Some examples of my Role-Playing have been included on this site for registered users to explore. Please note that some of them may be suggestive in nature, while others are fairly tame. The nature of Role-Playing is typically that the stories explore fantasy in some aspect, as such, often role-playing involves suggestive or adult topics.

I have also dabbled in writing stories on my own here and there. Some short stories stem from inspirations from dreams, but other stories stem from inspirations sparked by role-playing or discussions with friends. Roady's Story is a slightly Disney'esque (and safe) story about my wolf character named Roady, and his journey in finding a new pack.

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