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Riverside Park - 4th of July

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As usual, Riverside Park, in Buffalo hosted a large fireworks display on the 4th of July, along with a band and a midway with rides and a petting zoo. Being a neighbor of the park, this year I decided to go out and take some photos.

Despite 'doomsday' predictions by Channel 4 news in Buffalo, the July 4th celebrations at Riverside went off without any major incidents. Apparently Channel 4 hinted at the fact that there was going to be a gang war there, and advised people to stay away from Buffalo, NY's only public fireworks display on July 4th.

While I do agree that the neighborhood east of Tonawanda Street is getting a bit dangerous these days, I do not feel that in any way it threatened anyones safety at this event.

The only major incident I am aware of that happened on July 4th other then some minor crimes, was a domestic disturbance / fight call. Apparently some black guy wanted to leave and go home, presumably because of the police presence. Meanwhile his family wanted to stay and enjoy the show. The man who wanted to leave ended up hitting his brother with a chair, and some watermellons were thrown. Turns out he had warrents out for his arrest. Had he just sat and enjoyed the show, he likely would not of been caught.

Otherwise everyone seemed to be having a good time. Here are some photos of the event.

A band plays in the temporary bandshell. I am unsure which band this is however.

The midway. It was packed!

People get ready for the show...

Including the neighbors... Who needs a block party, when the city pays for fireworks infront of your house, eh?

People gather at every possible vantage point to watch the show...

The fire truck is in position, and the fireworks can begin!

Not a bad view from my front lawn.

As the show goes on, the street fills with smoke. This usually quiet street is now double parked with cars!

All in all, it was a good show. When it was over, of course there was a good 30 minutes of traffic. I ended up helping (situationally - only when I saw the need to) with traffic, as it was getting a bit crazy at times. And of course no cops were around to assist with traffic.

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