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Rescue at Hearn Generating Station - Toronto

Urban Exploration

Hearn Coal Hoppers Toronto, Ontario -- At 4pm on Sunday the 15th of June, a 26 year old male named Ryan, was exploring the abandoned Hearn Power Station in Toronto. Reports suggest that he was on a coal feed conveyer belt, and accidentally fell into an empty coal hopper, about 60 feet deep. A friend, then ran out to the guard shack out front to get help. Upon Toronto Fires arrival at the scene, it became evident that the rescue attempt was going to be difficult. Fire crews used thermal imaging cameras to locate the victim, as the chutes were too dark to use flashlights effectively. The victim was reportedly requesting oxygen as his condition deteriorated rapidly. Police even noticed that blood was dripping from the bottom of the hopper. The rescue became hampered, when a steel plate further trapped the victim, during the rescue operation. The operation took several hours for crews to reach him, and extract him in a rescue recovery basket - Upon doing so, it was reported that he had lost consciousness. He was rushed to St. Michaels Hospital and at the last report, he remains in very serious condition. Rescue efforts went on for about 3 hours, before the victim was able to be pulled out of the hopper. He is expected to survive, however has major internal injuries as a result of the fall. Original reports said that the victim was a worker, however later police confirmed he was a urban explorer who was trespassing. Some reports also suggest that he was exploring the building with a larger group, who may or may not have fled the scene. There are no known local explorers with the name of Ryan, who were planning on going there today, or who are unaccounted for. Safety at abandoned buildings is a must, especially at places as large and dangerous as Hearn. Any local who has been there knows the dangers, and takes precautions. This evening The Ministry of Labour was on scene assessing the safety situation of the plant today, and will likely order either, higher security measures, or a quicker demolition of the plant. Hearn Generating Station was closed in 1995, and has been slowly undergoing demolition since then. During which time, it has been used as the set for many major blockbuster films. UPDATE -- June 17, 2008 The man who is now said to be from Northern Ontario, has passed away due to the severity of his injuries. No further information is available at this time.

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