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Rather Interesting Feb. 25 Dream

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My memory of the dream begins while I was in Toronto. Or at least while the main character was in Toronto. He was looking to escape the city as a refugee, due to what was apparently a civil war which was erupting in the Brampton / Mississauga area.Downtown seemed fine, and I recall the sights of the main character journeying through the PATH system with just his backpack on. Everyone else around him seemed normal.

For some reason, since he didn't have a job, he wasn't able to ride the transit systems or take a bus or plane anywhere. He did have some money, but no one would take it. Tho he was able to sneak onboard a GO Train and ride it West to, maybe Brantford, tho I don't think the GO Train goes there, does it? Anyhow, it is a dream. So he is walking around downtown Brantford, and people are driving insanely, they don't really pay attention to him crossing the road, and one person almost hits him. A nearby police officer sees him and tells him to be more careful.He gets talking to the cop and asking for directions, the cop seems sympathetic and tries to help, suggesting maybe a camel might be easier for him to use as opposed to walking. The cop gets a call however, and has to run off. This scene ends with the main character leaning against a railing along a river valley, watching the sunset, with his backpack beside him.

The next scene was from a completely different story it seemed. It was in Buffalo, in what was supposed to be my house. A bunch of my local friends were there and I had just got home from work. I was tired, and was telling my wife about some passenger trains they had up in the Canadian North, which were built to go through huge snow drifts. Who shows up at the door? Mike Dijital... Gosh I haven't heard that name in a while. Being good guests we invited him in and watched movies. Supposedly my mother was there, and he began flirting with my mother, which I found odd.

Going back to the refugee, he had found himself a camel. Here he is walking across the canadian countryside with a camel, and a pack. He was going on a journey... Maybe not being a full on refugee, but he wanted to travel. At this point it was clear that he wasn't really escaping anything, but was just wanting to go places and see places. He was filming the journey and using a solar cell to charge his phone and camera.

He approached the US Border, and many cars were being turned around. He decided to wait a bit until he saw more cars being accepted. When he got to the booth he was grilled about his camel and lack of job. He said he was a film maker, and was making a documentary. After searching him and his camel, they let him through, begrudgingly....

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