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There are a number of projects I want to work on this coming year. We shall see what I have time for, with balancing being a Dad and a loving partner, and also earning enough money to support the household. But in any case, the following is a list of projects I feel would be ideal to focus on. This post is more for my own use, to allow me to focus my energy and plan things out.

Home Projects

  • Build a wall to separate the aquarium filtration room from the rest of the basement. This room can be used to store chemicals and paint and other items which the salt spray won't damage too badly. (i.e. not electronics). The wall will also separate the rest of the basement from the salt spray and allow for a more cozy environment down there.
  • repoint foundation wall on the South side by the bay window.
  • rework former apartments electrical into single panel. Remove secondary meter. (DONE)
  • add old apartment wall heater into house gas system.
  • add hallway link to old apartment area from main house after prepping the one room for my son.
  • (lower priority) renovate old apartment bathroom and convert the area to a master bedroom / bath suite.
  • Fix lighting in utility closet and add outlet there and near rear entryway.

Loft Projects

  • Build bathroom in Loft.
  • Run water line to Loft.
  • Install Water Heater and Furnace?
  • Finish Drywall and Ceiling
  • Install Flooring and Finish

Garage Projects

  • Fix Garage Door
  • Add Solar Power System

Yard Projects

  • Fix / Install Fence
  • Upkeep!

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