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Pretty strange dream!

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From what I remember it begun inside a video game. I was a player, in a 3 player video game which was kind of like a mix up between WoW and The Sims. There were huge jellyfish like things that we needed to attack, and they shot back at us. After we killed that, we continued to the next story which involved myself fighting a bear in hand to paw combat. The bear eventually said, "aww enough with this", and kinda rolled over pretending to play dead. Then I spoke to a flamboyant looking parrot bird, who I was able to trick that a string of Christmas lights was actually a steel chain which he wanted.

After a bit of random game type stuff, the dream changed to myself being a kid in a mansion in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It was high up on a hilltop, and I recall that my parents were not exactly in the best relationship. My dad often didn't care what was going on, he was too concerned with his Science related work (Aperture Science?). Apparently there was a play being set up to be preformed inside out house for my young sister. I was kicked out of the house along with my other sister, and so we sat in the driveway. The members for the play arrived and we were less then helpful.

We then took some vehicle to a large tower overlooking the CN York Sub, which apparently was 3 lines instead of 2 lines. From the tower I saw a UP train heading west on the nearest track. It was interesting in that the lead engine was a SD90MAC, and the following engine was one of their gas turbines followed by a fuel tender, and a few other engines. The train was actually short, made up of a string of about 40 brand new empty Coalveyor Bathtub Gondolas, but at the end of the train there were two interesting cars. A Hamilton Fire Box 43 support car (Hi Chris!), and an MKT green Inspection Car converted from a boxcar, exactly like pictured in this months Model Railroader.

Just after the 2 cars passed the observation tower, they derailed. the train kept going however, but these cars were being pulled along the railroad ties and scraping against the cement retaining wall that sided along the tracks. Some people got on their cell phones (to call 911), but I raced down the long stairs to my Jeep (apparently I was more grown up now?). At the bottom, with the intention of chasing after the train, I got distracted by a Park Ranger who was handing out small objects which had steel wool, gunpowder and foam mixed in them. apparently if you squeeze it, it makes smoke and scares away bears and predators. I grabbed a bunch and started playing!

Soon I was lighting these things off left right and center, and I found out that if you use a battery on them instead of squeezing them, they actually erupt in a shower of silver sparks while they burn.

For some reason the contents of my Jeep was all over the grass now, and it was night time. I began cleaning up the jeep and enlisted the help of a few friends to scower the lawn to look for stuff. That is where the dream ended.

It seems a lot of it was made up of recent games I have played, along with recent books and images I have seen. Kind of funny how the brain can put all of that together on the fly.

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