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POTD Akron Mines Calcite

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A faithful reader emailed me and asked me about this photo: How did I photograph it, they ask. Well, That was some calcite deposit which is leaking down from the roof of the cave. It would of taken years for this to form. I set up my camera on my tripod, and extended it as close as I could to the deposit. Setting up a tripod in a cave with bolders all over the floor is not an easy task, let me tell you! I was with a friend who happened to have a UV Led light... Or it could of been my UV Led light... I forget which one it was for this specific photo. But we used a UV light source and I took my exposure with the lights all off except for the UV. The UV light lit the calcite up very nicely, to the point there it was glowing a little. This was actually the first exposure. I did a few others but they didn't turn out as well. First ones a charm, eh. Now, about the Akron caves. I will thank my friend GeoViolator for finding out what they actually are. They were Limestone mines in the 1890's, and the very first type of cement which would set underwater, 'Akron Flour' was found in these mines. Lord Rick (some random and whacky self proclaimed ghost hunter / man god) seems to think that they were ancient native american burial grounds and all this crap. But that is complete BS. The Akron Caves (they are really mines) in Akron, NY are a fun, but slightly dangerous place to visit. Please read my full article on them, located here.

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