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With the wrapping up of the bulk of the Electrical reworking project almost complete. I am setting my sights on other plans for my house. As I mentioned in a previous article, the desire to re-work the 2nd floor of the house is among them. The current plan for my area is to add a Master Bathroom, and a larger secondary bedroom, getting rid of the wasted space caused by an oddly placed hallway.

Before that will happen however, finishing up the basement is a priority. At least making it a somewhat livable space by adding lights and finishing off the ceiling which I had removed during the electrical project.

The plan right now is to turn the basement into a hobby center. Model Railroads, a sitting area for reading, a small work bench for modeling. I also plan on incorporating elements of a dungeon which will be hide-away. This is alternative to the original plans for the house, which included using the space above the garage for a model railroad layout. Sadly while the garage is stable enough, it is old post and beam construction, and therefore it is a flexible structure. While I do trust that it is sturdy, I don't think that drywalling the 2nd floor will be a good idea as cracks will eventually form in the plaster and finish due to the movement of the structure. Therefore the basement will be the place I decide to place my model railroad.

The 2nd floor of the garage shall remain a project room / hack lab. Likely adding some other hobby stuff up there.

The kitchen, dining room, and living room may get some work done on their ceilings at some point. I have been wanting to add recessed lights, and may need to vault the ceiling lower in places to accommodate pipes.

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