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So nightbird and I traveled back into the Great White North this weekend to venture to Pizza Nova and get the Family Special to take home for dinner. Sure, its a long drive to Hamilton to get pizza for take out. But there is no place in town that makes pizza quite like Pizza Nova. Pizza Nova is amazing. I know here in Buffalo everyone is used to greasy pizza, usually cut into squares for some odd reason. I highly suggest people go try Pizza Nova in Hamilton. Let me know what ya think. Anyhow, it was a nice day for a drive, so we took our time and drive along the sideroads through the country. I always love being in Canada.

All the while listening to The Edge 102. I'll tell ya, you can't find decent radio like this in Buffalo... Maybe its the Cancon I miss hearing, or maybe its just that most of the radio stations in Buffalo seem to play rap and crap. On the topic of the Edge 102, I was happy to hear that Josie Dye is still there. Josie Dye and I started at the Mix 99.9 at around the same time as interns.

I had the biggest crush on her, however was way too geeky at the time (heck, I am still geeky) and I don't think she was interested in me. Another interesting note is that her dream (atleast at the time) was to mix and produce bands (live shows if I recall). She seemed jealous that I got the job of mixing bands whenever they came in to go live on the air. Granted I was not the greatest sound engineer ever born, but hey, it was a learning process :) Anyhow, Josie, if you read this, hope you are doing well :)

You got a good gig there. My old radio station, is now Virgin 99.9 and it sucks ass. CFRB 1010 sounds like it hasn't changed at all. Same with EZ Rock 97.3 and CHFI. While I know I did have a good job there, I made a lot of financial mistakes and couldn't support myself. I had to take a chance and make a life change for the good of my health. I must say that making that jump really helpped me in ways I can't explain. Now I am in a position to buy a house and have no debts and life is generally good. Job wise, I may be lucky enough to get a decent gig here in the next few days. I have a good feeling about this one. I have been spending a lot of time lately working on servers for online games. Not to mention being there for my friends and such. But it will be nice to get back into a daily routine. While it'll take some time away form my hobbies, it will bring in a lot more money and thus we will be able to get more money for a downpayment and home repairs and such.

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