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Paudash Lake Motel & Resturant

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I wanted to write about an amazing experience I had several years ago. I was up camping with a few friends near Paudash Lake, Ontario one weekend back in 2006. The previous night was filled with much entertainment including visiting a haunted graveyard, in which we saw orbs after preforming a pagan ritual. We ended up sleeping on the ground in a rainstorm which was very cool I must say. I was only wearing my grubby army BDU's and was soaked to the bone in the morning. We were hungry, so we decided to walk to the nearest Restaurant to get some breakfast.

We walked about a half mile up the road to a small Motel which served breakfast. We went in and the owners were very friendly and didn't seem to mind that we were soaked, smelly or covered in mud. I remember ordering 4 eggs sunny side up, about half a loaf of toasted bread, and my friend got some eggs benedict.

I must say I have fond memories of that little motel, and while I have only been there once, I must say that they had an amazing breakfast! I think one day I will return there to relive the experience. If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop in.

Paudash Lake Motel & Restaurant

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