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2021 Update: A lot of this article was speculative and assuming based on initial investigations and assumptions based on history we didn't fully understand. Now I understand more about what happened, and that is related in the posting located here.

Monday, October 29th 2018:

I have always approached the subject of paranormal activity with a skeptical, but still slightly open mind. I have had unexplainable things happen to me, which I instantly just 'knew' they were ghostly, or otherworldly. But I also have a very technical side to me, and I try to explain events away in a technical manner. Sometimes I haven't been able to come up with a logical explaination. But that is rare.

I am a very strong, confident, and spiritually powerful person. I typically find that if I do encounter anything, I typically command its respect, and am able to calm it down, or am generally uneffected by its presence. My home is quite old, and while I have encountered a few strange events in my home, nothing has been profound that I have noticed it... Aside from the shadow in the basement.

Sometimes, while working in my basement, I will notice a shadow cross past the doorway leading to the stairs. I often dismissed it as a reflection off of my glasses from light coming in through the windows or something similar (maybe hair brushing past my field of view, etc..). But, while giving the initial tour of the house to 3 separate people in the past, they have all commented that there is a spiritual energy in the house, when they pass that point in the basement. I didn't really put that together until the latest person, Sable, noticed it on her first encounter with the basement. That very night, she noticed the shadows too!

It has always been said that the spiritual energy there was neutral and calm. Nothing to worry about. Great! Sable did attempt to communicate with it, and succeeded, finding out that he was content with the house, and he has been there a long while. He seems to be bound to this specific location. He likes to be entertained, and sometimes thinks things are too slow or boring. But he is content. She also thought he was bound to a specific area, but as it turns out she was wrong. He has a run of the whole house, but he likes to hang out in the basement, and stays near my ghillie suit.

As Halloween approached, on the night of October 27th, 2018, I had gone to bed, and Sable stayed up later, then headed to bed around 11pm. She was drifting off to sleep when the sudden, irresistable urge to go downstairs and find a notepad, hit her. She first came to my Office, where she began to write. My office is, and has been protected by a dream catcher for many years now, which might account for what you will see... I awoke to find one of Sable's notepads torn apart on the floor in my office.


This was a bit of a surprise to me, and I had initially thought it was done by our dog, Bonnie, who likes to chew on things. I inspected the notepad closer...

"2 male figures. One angry. The first the same (neutral). The first not scared but worried about the second. The second pissed or confused. Both in the basement near paint area."


The intensity of the damage was something I have never known Sable to do. Upon searching the house, I found other notes around the place. Apparently she had been communicating with these ghosts for a while that night. In the sunroom I found another one of her notepads, with the words "Benjamin & Judy" Followed by some responses. "Yes, Yes, No, No, Judy, Yes..." Then the writing becomes unintelligable, A few pages later is written "Say DAN" several times. There was also a notepad on the kitchen table with some notes on it. "Not the same as up stairs. Yes. [downward, left arrow] Voldtlne White". This was done in pencil, and was not anything close to Sable's handwriting.


Sable also had a scratch, and sore thumb in the morning when she woke up. I had not seen that scratch there the previous night before I went to bed. She said she was beat up. The following night she had touble sleeping, and left a note saying she was scared to sleep. Yesterday I installed an Infrasound Monitoring device in the basement. During the day yesterday it was operating properly. This morning it was giving some odd readings.



During the day yesterday the readings were all very flat and normal seeming. This morning they are very wavy. Some deep, ultra low frequency infrasound occuring.

Sable and I did talk about the event, which helped us both understand it better. I fully believe what was happening was a legitimate spiritual event. Tho I didn't understand how, or why... I knew this wasn't just some sort of acting.

I spoke to Luna about the event, and Luna said she was already aware of it. I came to find out later, that when the Dreamcatcher is challenged, Luna, whom made the Dreamcatcher, can sense it. Luna asked for the help of the spirit animals to watch over the house at this time.


The evening of Halloween was a fun evening for us. We dressed up and gave out candy, and went for a lovely walk. We also talked a lot about our relationship and such... That night, after I had gone to bed, Sable stayed up again, and eventually was drawn to the basement. Before going down, she asked me if the infrasound recorder was running, and indicated she was going to the basement. In my half asleep state, I simply answered yes, it is... Not aware that she was being drawn down. She was speaking to Benjamin, the good spirit. Benjamin was hanging out near my Ghillie Suit, which at the time was located in the paint room. Benjamin was speaking of Julie, and Mary, his wife. He said he had a deep tie to the house, and liked it a lot. She also learned that Benjamin didn't like the other male spirit in the house. He wanted him gone.



The more Sable spoke to Benjamin, the harder the evil spirit tried to manipulate her. Her writing got difficult, and she had to fight him mentally to remain in control. The 'sucker' or 'leech' is the evil spirit which was attached to sable, and sucking off of her energy.

I was woken up as well, around 2:30 am, and went downstairs. I saw the notes, and was drawn to the basement. A chill ran down my spine as I pushed to walk down the stairs. There was a slight force, it seemed, attempting to keep me upstairs. Perhaps it was Banjamin, trying to protect me. I stood infront of the paint area, and spoke to .. 'the spirits' for about 10 minutes, relenting my honest desire for them to leave Sable alone, and that we were good point, and would like to live in peace. I also mentioned that if needed I will resort to more powerful tactics. The air warmed, and as I walked back upstairs, I did feel a calming peacefulness. Perhaps it was a personal response that I self affirmed my dominance over the house, or perhaps it was spiritual. I am unsure.

Friday, November 2nd, 2018:

My friend Luna arrived Friday evening to preform a smudging. I had no idea how involved this would be, but it was very draining and exhaustive to all involved. Luna is of Comanche blood, and is the only one in her family, whom has all of the totems, with the black panther being her main totem. The rest of her family is wolf. Therefore, she is the family Shaman. Luna is the one whom originally alerted me to the presence of spirits in my home in 2011, and she cast a protection spell on me, and made me a dreamcatcher to ward off any evil spirits and bad dreams. Since then others have noticed the spirits... And I had been told that I was protected from them.

Luna identified the spirits names. Benjamin (The good spirit), Edward (The negative energy), and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a spirit in the house which is often in hiding. But she does have a strong pull and connection to the house. Luna said that Benjamin's (I think?) body is likely located on the property.

Interestingly enough, Luna instantly pointed out that Benjamin was hanging out in a corner of the basement near my Aquarium Sump, which is where my 'swampman' ghille suit was hanging. She said he liked that swampman suit. I had moved it there the day before... Prior it was located in the paint room area. Which is where Sable believed that Benjamin was isolated to. Luna found out that Benjamin's name is likely Pasquale Buzzelli, Died July 29 1959. Benjamin was a nick name he liked to use. He was Italian and lived in the home for 30 years, almost to the day. Benjamin enjoyed the basement. It was his mancave. He had a dumb waiter in the area of the paint room, which the kids would ride up and down. His descents were Julie B Scalzo, daughter; Anthony Buzzelli, son; George Buzzelli, son; Godfrey Buzzelli, son. His wife, when he passed away was Mary Maiola (very close to Marry Marrideth, that Sable wrote - perhaps misunderstood by her) Benjamin loves this place, and is enamored by all the technical gadgets I dabble in. He thinks what I do is neat, and gets a kick out of it. I suppose it is nice to be admired by an elder.


Edward, the negative spirit, is a wandering spirit, which began fighting for the house. Edward and Elizabeth were fighting for a while. About 2 or 3 years now. But since the occupants of the house were either protected (myself) or had no ability to open up to emotions, no one really noticed. Except Luna, who had felt her dreamcatcher be tested from time to time.

When Sable began sleeping in the basement, upon her first week of staying here, she began communicating with Benjamin. This opened up a door, from which spiritual energy could be syphoned. By all the spirits, just not Benjamin. The doorway opened, right above where Sable was sleeping. Luna knew the spot before she even went down into the basement... And Luna did not know that was where Sable had been sleeping.

Part of the smudging process was to ensure that that doorway was closed. It took a lot of physical energy and pain for Luna to close it. She said that Edward had his fingers in the door, and was preventing her from closing it for a while. She eventually forced it closed, and padlocked it, and Edward may have lost some of his fingers. :) I could tell how draining this was for Luna, she could barely stand after the process. Slowly the house seemed to calm down, spiritually. Benjamin was still around, and was thankful and glad that Luna had closed the door to attempt to scare Edward off. Edward went off to 'sulk'. But there is no guarantee that he won't be back. But as long as another door isn't opened, and he is mostly ignored, his powers will be limited.

Elizabeth was a spirit that is often in hiding. She prefers her second name, Elizabeth. But Luna said that it wasn't her first name. Luna also said she had lived here several times, but not continuious. Upon examining the title. The name Sarah E. Bryant stood out to Luna and she believes that is Elizabeth. Sarah did appear on the title of the property off and on a few times in the late 1800's. But that would be before the house was built. Perhaps there was an older house located here before? Or... perhaps just a parcel of land / farm? This I don't know.

Oh, and the spirit animals? The Owl is on the Garage, overlooking the back of my house. The Eagle is out front. And the Otter has been in the basement.

Friday June 21st, 2019 - UPDATE:

I received a newspaper clipping from a neighbor, and it confirmed that there was a murder on my property in 1963. A mob related murder perhaps? Louis Scalzo was murdered on April 20th, 1963. About 2 months after his wife, Julie Scalzo was deeded the house after the passing of her father Pasquale, and her mother Mary had deeded the house to her. So Julie is Louis's wife, and Mary is his mother in law. But who is Benjamin? Or Edward? Well, Edward is another spirit supposedly, so, we aren't too sure if he is even involved. But if the resident spirit is actually Louis, then why would he be calling out Benjamin? Perhaps Benjamin was the name of his killer?


Louis told Sable that he liked me, and thought I was interesting. Reading the newspaper article, I can see why. Republican, Volunteer Police, a business owner, and interested in politics. So, Louis is the good ghost. So why Benjamin?

This murder was never solved, but one could see, reading that article that Louis could of been a very honest man, and in turn might of crossed paths with the mob / mafia at some points. Especially in any dealings he might of had with Weights and Measures. So was Benjamin his killer? A quick search produced some results. Benjamin 'Sonny' Nicoletti Jr. A mob boss! He would of been active around the time, and did engage in racketeering, illegal gambling, and money related crimes. I wonder?

Who else could Benjamin be?

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