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Pain by Three Days Grace

I believe that this video really captures the current spirit of today's younger generation. Having been doped up on meds that subdue feelings and individualism, many teens and young adults find themselves feeling nothing. They often seek out drugs or sex in order to feel something. When either of those don't work they turn to pain. They seek out attention for their pain, and often seem to feel that the pain they put themselves through makes them more popular or generates some sort of sympathy for them, and perhaps may earn them some friends.

I think this also explains the way that our culture has embraced BDSM as being a new normal in terms of sexual exploration.

That is the general thought which hit me as I watched this video today... I may be wrong, as I typed this all up on the spur of the moment after watching this video. So I imagine that this is mostly a matter of opinion and generalization, however I wouldn't be surprised if I hit closer to home then I really think.

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