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Paddy is our latest addition to our family. Paddy is a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure. He was born on March 17th 2010.



Paddy is an amazing bird, in that he is very well socialized, and enjoys our company. He likes to cuddle and play. He is DNA Tested, and confirmed to be male. Typical of Green Cheek conures, he is not very loud. Infact I would say he is about on par to the parakeets for sound volume, but the parakeets are actually more vocal then he is. Paddy will say hello, but it is hard to distinguish. He has a very raspy voice. He is trained well, to step up and come to his master when called. He will also poop on command which is handy. If I feel he is about ready to poop, I hold him over the trash can and say 'poop' and he poops. He is an experienced flyer, and can even hover for short periods of time like a humming bird.

I took him to the vet today, and she said that the Turquoise breed is very rare which is pretty cool. The vet said he was more socialized and better behaved then most birds who come in for their first visit. He is in good health with the small exception of a possible infection on his eyelid - but that is hopefully being treated with some antibiotics. I never realized how much a bird in a cage can be a chick magnet. On the way home from the vet, I stopped at a drive thru, and the girls at the window were fawning over the bird asking all kinds of questions...

It was interesting.

Paddy gets along alright with our male parakeet, Beryl. However he does not get along with our female parakeet, known as 'little bird'. The female parakeet is very young still, but she is very protective of her cage. It is mostly her who causes the problems. But we keep them separate, and that is generally alright. All in all, he is a good birdy. He cuddles with me while I nap, and will snuggle in beside my neck, and not move at all while I nap. He also enjoys hanging out while I play games on he computer, or watch TV. He is getting a little nippy, but I am told that is normal, and hopfully we are training him out of it properly.

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