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Out There: How Flying Saucers Work...

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This post might be a tad on the ... unusual side, even for me.

While I have had my own personal close encounter with a UFO (when I was 8), I often do not speak of it. Not out of fear, or concern that people may think I am crazy. No, it is more just something I eventually shrugged off, and accepted. In a way, I kind of feel gifted for having had such an experience.

Recently, I was following a rabbit hole on YouTube... You know those videos you watch, then watch another suggested video. Eventually you end up watching a topic so completely different than a topic you originally were interested in. The topic eventually covered Area 51, and UFO's. What piqued my interest was the reports that the flying objects were making very radical moves, without making any sonic booms. This happened in my experience as well, when the object, which was only 100ish feet away from me, sped out over the horizon from its position in less than 2 seconds. No noise.

I thought about that for a little while. No sonic boom... Because the air isn't being forced out of the way of a moving object! No. The moving object is physically moving, or teleporting the air from one spot, to another, behind the craft. This is basically Matter Displacement, or 'teleportation'. Such an effect can be caused by electromagnetism. Take matter from one side of the object, charge it with an electronic charge, then use magnetism to move it behind your direction of travel.

This can in effect cause 'anti-gravity'. Only because the rate of an object falling in air, can be compensated by this displacement of the air around the object.

I theorize however, that such an object wouldn't be able to use this technique in the vacuum of space... Therefore it must choose its trajectory in space before leaving the atmosphere? Unless the magnetic field generators are powerful enough to use a planetary magnetic field to its advantage.

~shrugs~ Just a thought, but I am pretty darned sure this explains the no sonic boom, and ability to maneuver as these objects do. It also can explain the lights or glow... being the energy inducing the charge on the matter the object needs to displace?

Thoughts? Sign up and comment :D Am I nuts? Tell me :P

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