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Just want to touch on the other websites I run. I will start off with has kind of died down lately. Alot of key people have lost interest and taken on other interests at this time. While all the content on is saved and can be restored at a moments notice, I have no plans to bring it back anytime soon. The domain is also open for transfer if someone else wanted to purchase it. I would give them the files and database dumps if they wanted to take it over. I just can't really justify spending 10 bucks right now to transfer it to my new hosting service. At the moment, my main priority is the domain. Clan members have donated and thusly I must get that up and running ASAP. The transfer of domains is in progress and will be complete in the next few days. I want to make a note that the domain is up so quickly because the only thing involved for me to get it up was to upload files and redirect the DNS settings. With my other domains, since I am cancelling my previous hosting service, I must transfer domain ownership between hosts, and thusly that takes a little more time. As for the domain for my WoW Guild. I can't afford to transfer it at this time, but I would if someone could handle the costs to transfer it. This will take about 5 days. That being said, I have all the files and database to get it back online ASAP once it does get transfered. If you were brought here via other domains, they likely were not widely used domains of mine. I also had some domains I had set up for friends, and they will be back up, if the owner so requests that they remain up. Otherwise they will remain down.

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