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I so very rarely check Lord Ricks website. While I may run I have generally lost interest in Rick some 2 years ago. It is however extremely entertaining sometimes to read what other people have wrote about him, and that is why I keep up. It should also be noted that we are changing our focus over at and focusing on warning the world about internet predators in general. Not just Lord Rick. You will have to read thru the posts on in order to see what I am talking about in that regard. This post is about the absurdly funny section which Lord Rick has posted about me on his website. Of course I suggest that you use protection when viewing that website. Ricky has enough shitty code on there to stink up grand central station. Of course anyone who knows me, knows how laughably inaccurate and out of context every single item on that webpage is about me. Obviously this drug dependant looser has some serious fetish with me, if he takes the time to photoshop numerous photos, and create so much laughable content. To Lord Rick, my favorite stalker: I really do not care what you say about me :) There is NOTHING you can do to me, and if you think there is something you can do to me, I say bring it on. I could very well have charged you for attempted blackmail already - not that anything you could tell anyone would be remotely accurate or threatening to me. Rick seems to think I am an evil terrorist who is a threat of some sort... This coming from a cult leader who smokes pot all day and trolls craigslist looking for underage pussy. I maintain an open communication with anyone I deal with, I am always honest. While sometimes my actions may be questionable or immoral to some, they are nothing I can be charged for. Lord Rick on the other hand has a nice long list of charges which the good folks at are keeping track of, along with reference material. Lord Rick is a fraud, a cultist, and a loser who depends on others to pull him through life and make him feel like a 'God' that he claims to be. He seems to have this delusional mindset that he is destined for great things, and nothing can stop him. He is a danger to himself, his children and anyone he is with. Sadly one person has already died because of one of his foolish choices. I am happy to be a Wisemen. One of Five. We patrol the internet keeping everyone informed on internet whackos. If you wish to apply to become a wisemen and help keep the internet safe from creeps like this, please feel free to email me to find out how.

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