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I write this post sitting in my hotel room in Ohio. Once again, I have taken a trip out this way on my weekend. I mostly come out here to meet with an old friend. I do hope that one day, perhaps, a formal live-in relationship can be pursued in that regard. But for now, it must remain very low key.

I find myself wondering about Buffalo, and my future there, however. With India Walton or whatever her name is, running for the Mayor of Buffalo, things look pretty bleak for Buffalo's future. I can only hope that people wake up and vote in Byron Brown. Yeah he is a little corrupt. What politician isn't? But he has done a good job with running Buffalo all these years. India is a socialist welfare bum who is great at scamming the system from what I have heard. So, she is worse in my opinion.

The same goes for my local Mayoral race. Alex vs Bob. I know both of them. Bob truly cares about community. He is super involved, and has always been there, involved. He is also Republican, former military, retired, etc... Where as Alex is still in his 20'tys. He is openly gay, and has no experience running a city, let alone even managing a Wendy's. And whenever there are community events, he shows up for a few minutes to shake hands and show his face. But then he is gone. He doesn't hang around to discuss matters. It is all beneath him. And guess what, he is Liberal. Surprise?

So, I am hoping things go well in that regard. But I am guessing that they might not. And perhaps that is why I am keeping my mind open on places to go, and what direction my life will go from here.

The world is screwed up, that is for sure. The globalist elites have done a great job pushing their fear porn down people's throats. Many have been silly and foolish enough to really buy into it. Even my own family. People don't understand how numbers can be skewed. People also don't seem to understand how many people would normally fall ill to respiratory type illnesses like a cold, pneumonia, or flu which migrates into the lower respiratory system. So when they see a friend dying in the hospital of pneumonia, they are instantly programmed to believe... Oh my god, if it wasn't for COVID he will still be here.

Well maybe. But I think part of it is that the procedures for dealing with certain cases regarding COVID-19 dictate that the patient be subjected to procedures which end up making them worse. So it is likely the fact that they went to a Hospital which killed them. Or the fact that they got the Vaccine... But that is another rant.

Here I am, almost 40. My job is doing well, and I don't even worry about it. But I am considering 'where do I go from here?'

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