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Yesterday I had some fairly odd dreams while I was napping before work. The first part of the dream involved being in a city, and trying to leave. I remember it was dark, and I was with people. A few friends, whom I was protecting. I want to say that there was gunfire and explosions, but I am not too sure. I do know that it was raining.

The scene changes to an overcast day. I am on an overgrown hilltop looking into a valley. About a kilometer away is a large power plant, located in the middle of this wild forested landscape. The power plant is brown and very dirty. It looked like it was cut out from a 1970's industrial scene and plopped in the middle of this green forest. I want to say it was a coal power plant, but I am not sure. I do know however that it had a massive gaping hole in the side of it. Inside you could clearly see all the internal levels, and bits of equipment hanging out the hole. There was a wrecking crane and demolition claw which continued to take chunks out of the building. The scene changed as I apparently moved around to get a better view, and myself and the people I was with discussed the possibility of going in to explore it.

The scene changed again to a winding forested road which led away from the power plant. The tree canopy was high above the road and the underbrush was very shaded with little undergrowth. The road itself was a 1 and a half lane road. I remember driving out through the meadow at the bottom of the valley along the road, and seeing a church with a very tall spire. There was another building with a very tall spire as well, except the spire was about 20 stories tall and rectantular. It was very thin on the shorter sides. It seemed to have no purpose. Both of those structures were new to me.

Along the winding road under the forest canopy I saw a plank and board style structure, about 20ft by 20ft and only about 10ft tall, however this also had a bit of a spire about 20ft tall, but otherwise useless. The boards were painted a light blue color, and there were a few old windows as well. Around this structure I noticed 3 domes made of cemented fieldstone. The stone was mossy and appeared to be at least 100 years old. I quickly realized that this was a house I have seen before in my dreams, but never investigated. I decided to explore it.

Somehow I got into one of the half underground domes. The inside was about 20ft by 20ft. It was very damp inside, and it appeared that someone was trying to rebuild the place. There was about an inch of water on the ground, and it looked like someone was building a room within a room, and was working on suspending a floor above the main floor and building a new living quarters. Then someone who was apparently in the home caught on to my presence there and came after me, I was able to escape and ran down a hill, towards my parked car. I was then able to fool the police who were responding to the scene, and was able to make it out of there alright without any issues.

The power plant I think I have seen before, as with the stone house. I believe the stone house was located in a valley I sometimes dream about. The valley is completely fictional but includes many features which would otherwise make you feel that it was real. I sadly suck at drawing, but would love to get some of this drawn.

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