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"I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." - Ayn Rand / 'John Galt'

Indeed this was a pledge I took a while ago, and I was recently reminded of this. I asked myself, how does this fit into my new lifestyle? I do believe that I still abide by this principle, even while being a 24/7 Dom. In my case it is mostly due to my personality. The story of 'Atlas Shrugged' was an inspirational story for me, but only augmented a belief system which I had already in place.

I tend to be a laid back person, who is very easy going, and open minded. One of my qualities is that I do offer a shoulder, comfort and support for those who are in need. I encourage growth, experimentation, and responsibility in those around me. Fully nudging people to take charge in their lives, and not be ashamed of themselves. In a sense I tend to strip away the ugliness that surrounds someone, show them how wonderful it is to shine, and then encourage them to be the person they want to be, and grow from there. This is a quality which has, in effect, made me a natural safe harbor for submissive type individuals, whom are seeking enlightenment. Because of this, I have had many friends who I have helped through rough times.

So how would I deal with a submissive, whom is in effect Mine? Does this mean I own her as property? No... A submissive is Mine because she has given herself willingly to Me. This is not really full ownership, such as would be applicable for a slave. But rather a trusted bond, with her knowing that I will take care of her, and guide her forward. With this in mind, a submissive partner of mine would likely not experience too many orders. A live in submissive would obviously have to earn her keep and pay her way, as much as is reasonable. She would also be expected to have her own life, and be free to explore outside of the household, with some stipulations in place. A subs biggest contribution is her devotion to her Master. The willingness to serve, and attention to His needs, matches only His attention to her needs, and devotion to her. In a way, that aspect of the relationship counters each other out, in relation to the above quote. Both parties get what they seek. Outside of that consensual exchange of devotion, and a live-in sub having to earn her keep, I would not expect much from a sub, aside from perhaps conditional orders based on objectives or goals I wish for them to reach for.

Objectivism is very much still an ideal I am fond of. The idea that a persons value is determined by the value that their efforts have earned them. In my case, I feel that the effort I put into helping others out of their shells, is a worthy value to live for. Sure I do not do this professionally. In a way I am glad I don't. However I still do receive value from such a relationship. Like a sensei, I seek to guide. Watching my pupil prosper, is reward enough. I will not put my effort, or value into someone who does not appreciate or respect it, or who has no desire to return value from it.

When is my job done as a mentor? Or Master...? We never stop learning and growing in life. However, My job is done, when the pupil is ready to walk free of my guidance.

My role as a Dom / Master, could easily be exchanged with the title of Sensei, or Mentor. However since I find myself mostly helping people out of shells created due to sexual or relationship related insecurities, I find that the choice of being a Dom, is suitable.

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