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Welcome to one of Roadwolf's WNY highway journeys. I began my journey down NY-63 from NY-18 near Lake Ontario. Come along with me for the ride. Share the locations, and read about some stories of cool places to check out along the way.


I absolutely adore the Amish countryside in Western New York, and for that matter all through PA, and even into Ohio. I will say, those Amish ladies are attractive in their own way. But I also do like and respect the whole Amish lifestyle and culture.


The Hojack Ice Cream Shack is a great stop up near the North End of Hwy 63. It features Perry's Ice Cream, and numerous other summer treats including a Garbage Platter, Poutine Fries, Beef on Weck, Onion Blossoms and fruit smoothies. This is actually the best ice cream place to stop at, in my opinion, along all of NY-63.


Driving through Lyndonville, you will notice a historic mill pond off the West side of the highway. A lovely place to sit and enjoy the day. A local favorite, Bill's Sub Shop is also located in town, featuring some great hoagies.


NY Route 104 is the next major point of interest in Ridgeway, NY. The only thing that caught my eye in Ridgeway was a large military surplus tanker trailer parked in a gravel lot, and an old ladder platform fire truck sitting by the road. But there is a lovely Kayak Dock just South of NY-104 off of NY-63. Also of note, Ridgeway is a big Amish town too, with several of the houses in Ridgeway being Amish households.


A short journey South, brings you to Medina, NY. Crossing the beautiful lift bridge, you enter into a classic and charming town center.


Medina, NY is a town I do need to explore more. There are a number of restaurants and neat places to visit. One Place I have visited and wrote about, is the Medina Railway Museum. Another interesting place of note is the Mystic Dragons Lair. A supply store for alchemy and all things mystical.


Continuing South on NY-63, we eventually enter the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. This expansive nature area, formerly known as the Alabama Swamps, is home to Bald Eagles, Deer, and many other varieties of wildlife. To the West along Bartel Road is a free public shooting range. However Lead rounds are not permitted.


And we enter Alabama, NY. Alabama Archery is a highly suggested place to go, if you are into Archery or bow hunting. Here NY-63 meets up with NY-77. NY-77 will take you West into the Swamps towards Bartel Road as I mentioned above. Alabama, NY also hosts Alabama Holley Farms, which is a full market store. Great place if you want fresh meats, produce or bread.


Following NY-63 South, the route diverts East a little and travels through some fairly flat farmland. We also pass a Gypsum Mine. The area has three registered underground mines for Gypsum / Plaster production - not all of which are active (but I would love to hear stories about these mines). We enter into Oakfield, NY.


After we pass through Oakfield, NY we cross Interstate 90, and enter Batavia, NY. NY-63 cuts straight through Batavia, NY and would of been one of the original trails in the area when Western Settlers first began traveling out this way. NY-63 seems to have followed one of the original trails between Oakfield, NY and Batavia, NY which once led to the Tonawanda Indian Village.


Batavia was the central hub of Western New York, for a while and existed as a settlement before the area now known as Buffalo, NY was tamed and settled. Below we see a closeup of one of the iconic historic buildings in Batavia, NY along with a traffic signal (likely with polarized lens due to the complex intersection) with my Reflective Border encircling it, making it easier to notice.


Batavia, NY is a huge agricultural center. Once the home of the Massey-Harris (aka Johnston Harvester Co.) Tractor factory. The Harry Ferguson/Massey-Harris merger took place in 1954 and the Batavia plant was mothballed. That being said, Batavia, NY is still a huge center of farming equipment. I count at least three large scale equipment suppliers in town. Batavia, NY is also known for it's Milk and Cheese production plants. The plants that produce cheese for the best pizza producing region in the world!


The Pok-a-Dot is a classic small greasy spoon in Batavia, NY along NY-63. You have to stop in for lunch!


Ny-63 continues south into the hills and famland. When I was maybe 12, my father and I utilized NY-63 as a shortcut between Interstate 390, and Interstate 90, to save some time during a bad snowstorm when we were returning home to Canada from a golfing trip to Maggie Valley, NC. I remember that I had a CB Radio, and was talking to the truck driver that we were following the whole time. The route intersects with US-20 here.


This route is heavily traveled, for the exact reason I mentioned above. It is a great shortcut and saves on a bit of toll money.


We pass a Genesee and Wyoming rail crossing in Pavilion, NY. It is kinda cool that G&W, a company which started in this area, grew so well, and has expanded across the country buying up smaller industrial lines.


In Pavilion we also intersect with NY-19. I am unsure of any local food establishments to recommend, so please let me know if I should.


We continue South-East through some serious farm country. Eventually reaching a reasonable downhill grade towards Greigsville, NY which is a small hamlet. Here we intersect with NY-36. An oddly numbered highway that strays from the common practice of keeping North South routes as Odd numbers and East West routes as Even numbers.


I don't know much about The Barn. It was closed when I came by. Online searches only label it as a Fuel Oil place. But the signage suggests that it is attempting to be an ice cream place, and restaurant. Any info on it would be great!


NY-63 continues through the Genesee River Valley and passes by a large chemical plant. The Arkema plant produces organic peroxide chemicals used in a variety of applications. They also may make Propyl Chloroformate.


The highway then rounds a wide turn and passes a cute traffic circle in front of the SUNY Geneseo College, before climbing back up the valley, and briefly merging with US-20A and NY-39. The views along here are very lovely.


We then head across Interstate 390 and pass the American Rock Salt Mine. This underground mine produces a lot of the Rock Salt used on our roads in the winter. Detroit also has a huge underground Salt Mine deep under the city.


We also pass by Livingston County's Emergency and Highway services campus. In front of which they have recently build a great memorial for fallen soldiers. It is so very unique and special and touching, I highly recommend that you stop there to admire it and pay respect.


NY-63 continues South along the eastern valley wall of the Genesee River Valley. Eventually we enter Dansville, and meet up with NY-36 again. Dansville, NY is a lovely town center, which carries a lot of old town appeal. I sadly haven't visited any of the establishments in town, but if anyone can suggest one, I would very much include it listed here and/or visit it myself.


We continue mostly Eastward now, up a steep grade climbing out of the valley. Passing a cute looking petting zoo called Dinky Doo Petting Zoo. There is also another ice cream store as we enter Wayland, NY. NY-63 terminates in Wayland, NY at NY-15 and NY-21.


Wayland also has a quaint little downtown district. Maybe worth checking out?


Well, I hope you enjoyed my journey down New York Highway 63. If you live or work along this route, I would be curious in hearing from ya. Maybe I shall link your story of business in this article.

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