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My journey down NY-60 took me from Dunkirk, NY near the shores of Lake Erie, to US-62 South of Jamestown, NY.


NY-60 is quite an important and well traveled route between I-90 and Jamestown, NY. Possibly the quickest way between Buffalo, NY and Jamestown, NY. But the Journey starts off in Dunkirk, NY as I mentioned. This is the first time I have been to Dunkirk, NY and my impressions of it, from my brief journey up and down NY-60 were that Dunkirk is a bit of a shithole. However this wasn't the first time I've mentioned Dunkirk, NY in my blog.


Near these Old Bells, which are placed on the ground for some strange reason, is a large industrial area which is served by a industrial rail spur line. I have indeed written about this spur line before on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you are into trains.


As NY-60 travels South, it passes over I-90 and many wind turbines can be seen to the South East, including NY Thruway Authorities own turbines where the old toll barriers used to be. With those new turbines generating a profit, and no toll collectors to pay, it makes me wonder why there are still tolls in a state with already high tax rates? Ah yes, corruption. I forgot.


NY-60 travels South and passes thru the outskirts of Fredonia, NY which in my opinion is a much nicer town than Dunkirk, NY. Here it intersects US-20 at a roundabout. Then NY-60 continues South into the rolling countryside.


The countryside is fairly uneventful with no locations of interest to mention. In fact even homes are scarce once you get into the rolling forested hills. The next village is Cassadaga, NY which has a lovely little lake. It is a very quiet place tho, and if you blink you may miss it.


NY-60 continues through countryside and barely passes by the village of Sinclairville, NY. You may not even notice it on NY-60 as there is very little built up around the highway in the village. The views along this part of the route are however pretty neat.


The next town to the South is Gerry, NY. Here NY-60 turns to the Right in the center of town. The Town of Gerry isn't any larger than the village of Cassadaga, NY. In fact, I would say it seems smaller.


But alas, Here is downtown Gerry, NY - right in front of the town hall.


NY-60 has an odd junction with Chautauqua County route 380 here, before climbing a hill and passing by some runway guidance strobe towers for the Chautauqua County Jamestown Airport.


I found the towers neat, and originally wondered if there were a phased FM tower array or something for a mine. But then realized what they were after seeing how they lined up, up close.


NY-60 then enters Jamestown, NY and travels through much of the Northern part of the city, before plunging into downtown Jamestown, NY.


Jamestown, NY is a cool little city, but like many in the Southern Tier, it is struggling. NY sadly funnels so much money to it's larger cities, that Jamestown doesn't have much in the way of an operating budget.

NY-60 crosses the Chadakoin River, and then travels South East terminating just outside of the city, at US-62 only miles from the PA border.

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