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NY-429 is a short NY State Hwy, which extends from North Tonawanda, thru Sanborn, and ends at NY-104 North of Sanborn near Ransomville.


The highway technically starts at NY-265 "River Road". It darts across Wheatfield, and then heads North along Oliver Street. This photo is actually fairly close to the author's home. An interesting urban legend about Oliver Street is that it once had the most bars per mile, on any street in the world. Was it true? Who knows at this point.


Buffalo Bolt was a large factory in North Tonawanda, NY. The remains of the factory grounds can be seen along this Route. Specifically the gates which still adorn the company crest.


NY-429 continues North thru the small suburban area on the outskirts of the City of North Tonawanda, and heads up into Wheatfield. It eventually junctions with US Hwy 62. US Hwy 62 is unique in that it is the only East-West US Hwy that connects Canada to Mexico. I will be covering Hwy 62 in a later post, as it is a very interesting Hwy in this area.


Continuing North, you soon reach Lockport Road. Heading East here will take you into South Lockport, and you will meet up with NY-93 which is a very useful highway. But NY-429 continues North.


Between here and Sanborn, NY, there is a discrete restaurant off to the side called Hoover's Restaurant. It is attached to Hoover's Dairy. I recommend stopping in and sampling some of their great selection. I especially love that they still sell their own milk, in old glass milk jars. They have some great sandwiches and other meals as well as a selection of local Ice Cream. They often host classic car meetups.


Sanborn, NY is a small hybrid community. It doesn't quite know what it wants to be, but it is a charming mix of a rural supply and services center, with a college town. Recently a new restaurant (TECLA) just opened up beside the Sommerset Railway tracks, and it looks fairly decent. This too I shall have to sample.


There are several Antiques shops in town, and a used Guitar center too!


Here NY-429 meets with NY-31. Continuing West on Ny-31 for a bit gets you to the Smokin Joe's Gas station and Smoke Shop. Always a good deal. However we are continuing North on NY-429. The route juts to the East a little here. There is a Tim Hortons and a Tops Market available here. Heading North of NY-31, NY-429 passes the Niagara County Community College (NCCC).


NY-429 then heads under Upper Mountain Road, and down the escarpment into the Lake Ontario Watershed. From here you can pretty much see the rest of the route. It ends at NY-104, which is another great NY route.


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