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I was chatting with a friend about her current studies in Bio Engineering with virus protein binders. I mentioned that I had heard that Ebola and HIV had the same protein binders. She said really? She then thought about it for a moment, and then muttered that they could of been made in the same lab. I laughed and said yeah, exactly.

The conversation then reminded me of the downing of MH17 over Ukraine in 2014, 8 years ago when the Americans started messing with Ukraine. The following episode of No Agenda is a great listen in whole, which provides some good background for what is happening now in Ukraine. But this clip provided here, starts an hour into the show, where Adam deconstructs what likely happened to down the plane.

No Agenda Show 636

The show then goes on to talk about the passengers on board who were on the way to the world AIDS conference. Interesting isn't it?

MH17 Passengers may have had AIDS research breakthrough.

So what could those researchers have had, which might of gotten them killed? No Agenda Show 639. Maybe the fact that Ebola and AIDS have been engineered in the same lab? Ah yes. And these clips from 8 years ago, come full circle to the comments my friend made, which I quoted at the beginning of this post. So how it works, and you can listen to the show discuss it here, is that both Ebola and HIV use the NPC1 Protein to bind to the human body, and cause an infection.

Interestingly enough, that show goes on to discuss SARS and Genetic Engineering using injections to actually cause a whole race to be eliminated. But hey, 8 years ago... Ukraine, Russia is bad, America is going in to 'Help' Ukraine, Biolabs, and Bio Weapons, and AIDS researchers being killed in a civilian airliner which was shot down using electronic warfare, presumably being run by NATO or Western friendly forces, and SARS.... Makes you go hmm. Sounds like a playbook from today.

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