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Savatage's album, entitled Dead Winter Dead, is seemingly a long forgotten album. Heck, most people wouldn't even recognize the band name. So, just to introduce anyone who doesn't know, Savatage is the core of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, minus the orchestra. In the 90'tys, Savatage was one of the larger Rock Opera groups, and originally released many of the songs that TSO currently is famous for.

Dead Winter Dead is a personal favorite album of mine. The whole album told a story. The story was based in Yugoslavia in 1990, in Sarajevo. For the first time since the Roman Empire, this part of the world was a free nation. But then the global manipulators moved in and began selling arms and sewing contention between the ethnic groups. Eventually this led to a civil war, which was quite bloody and brutal. The album brings artistic license to a true story of a musician who played in the town square during the war. This musician (or rather, the death of said musician) brings a man and a woman from opposite sites of the conflict together, in peaceful remorse, climaxing with the song titled "Not What You See".

The albums story paints the basic picture of how the conflict was created out of a fictional mistrust between Croatians and Serbians many of whom lived together for centuries before this occurred. Listening to the album, and reading the story it portrays (and refreshing one's self on the history of the Bosnian war) may lead the listener to have visions of a parallel story happening here, in the United States of America, today.

The song "Not What You See" is one which I find could define my views, in most interactions with many females today. It seems so many people have been manipulated in some way to take on a globalist viewpoint, which is actually destructive towards America. Honestly, I believe this is mostly being done by the Open Society (Soros), and European powers, in an attempt to destabilize the United States and cause a civil war. I wouldn't put it past Soros to even go to the extent of supplying Weapons to those following his wishes. Keep in mind, Soros worked for the Nazi's during WW2, and claimed that this was one of the best summers of his life.

Personally, I do wish people would wake up, and realize how much they are being manipulated. The No Agenda Show is a GREAT tool for helping expose what is really going on. But the real solution is to isolate yourself from the sources of this brainwashing. Facebook, Twitter, the 'Mainstream Media', Google.... They are all artificially created, and sculpted bubbles which control what information you are fed, for the purposes of brainwashing you. I really do not want to see this country torn apart, but many people do want this. We are at war here folks... but it isn't against each other. We are at war against two global forces: 1. The European Powers, which are sick of us controlling them. 2. The Islamic State, which is slowly but surely expanding its numbers and influence around the globe. Sharia Law is now even being practiced in Canada by some Muslim Judges.

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