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I do not really talk much about Nightbird on here. Likely because she has her own blog to express her views, and if there is anything we need to discuss, we can do so in real time without having to resort to poetic posts about deep feelings and such :) Nightbird and I are best friends. We have lived with each other for about 4 years now. We live well together, and the relationship is very stable, open and respectful. Nightbird and I decided to get married at a very low point in our lives. We had been there for each other at a very tough time when there was no one there for either of us, it seemed. To that, I am very grateful to have someone who loves and cares for me as much as she does. I also love and care for her very deeply. I never really planned to get married this young. I always thought I would settle down in my early 30's or so. But I grew old fast. We decided to get married under very harsh circumstances in our lives, this commitment was one I made to a friend, so we would always be there for each other. Nightbird has helped me grow in many ways. She has domesticated me to a degree, and has taught me a lot about financial and personal responsibility. Meanwhile I have been trying to help her overcome her rough childhood and attempting to socialize her. When Nightbird found a friend who seemed to really care for her, I encouraged her to explore that relationship. It was a relationship with another female, and it was at this point that we agreed our marriage would be open. She went and met her friend, and indeed had a lot of fun. I would stay on the sidelines and offer advice and generally stay out of it unless I was asked my opinion of something. While I was a little sad to see her go off to visit her friend whenever she went, I was happy that she had found someone she could connect with. Of course with her meeting someone, it opened the door for me to meet someone. I however was not in a rush to do this. I was kind of glad to be out of the dating scene for once, and the thought of finding someone who suited my interests was unbearable. I continued to befriend people online and generally maintain a distance with anyone I got very close with. When I met Kelly 2 weekends ago, I really did not know how Nightbird would handle it. Kelly was very important to me, and had helped me through some difficult times online. The night Kelly showed up, Nightbird and myself both met her for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We had some mutual conversation and when the time came to say goodbye, I kissed Nightbird and we parted ways. I am not very sure what happened between that point and the time I got home, but I do know that Nightbird was missing me more then ever. While there was a slight discussion as to why I didn't email her more then once the entire weekend (it was a road trip, we were driving most of the time), after everything was explained, all was good and she was interested to hear the details of the trip. I admire Nightbirds strength in this relationship as this situation was likely a very hard one for her to deal with. Not only does she let me meet with my girlfriend, but she respects Kelly, and enjoys socializing with her in game. I do not think I appreciate her enough sometimes and I would like this post to try and show how awesome she is, and how very unique she is. She should never change, and I do love her very much for who she is. I often take her presence for granted, but I know if I ever lost her, I would be devastated and completely lost myself. I love you NB :)

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