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New Years (at the Brickworks)

Urban Exploration

It was the night of December 31st 2004 when myself and a few other Toronto Urban Explorers decided to spend New Years at a local UE Hotspot known as the Brickworks. We brought a bottle of champagne and a case of beer for the homeless person who lived there (however he wasn't there, so we left the beer in his sleeping area for him). We sat silent on the roof, in the darkness overlooking the city, then at midnight we came down into a random room, popped the cork on the champagne, and all of us took a swig from it. Classy I know... But what else you gonna do in an abandoned building. None the less, it was still a New Years I would never forget. So because of this, I have decided I would work on uploading a new image gallery to the blog about the Toronto Brickworks. Expect it to appear around midnight tonight. Here is a sneak peak at a Brickworks photo Anyhow, mainly due to my Buffalo Aud article, I have a ton of new visitors on the site. Some have requested some more articles on UE, and others have requested some more game reviews. I plan on doing both as time permits. I also plan on getting back into some HAM Radio talk as well, discussing radio setups and maybe even trying for some long distance HF contacts in the near future. As usual, I am happy to answer any questions about any of the topics on my site.

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