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Nature always finds a way. Alas, we in the first world countries are often far separated from nature. Our first world offerings and privileges have kept nature at bay for those of us lucky to maintain a decent standard of living in this first world. It is to this effect that we have grown accustomed to every form of live being a guarantee. Having some special purpose. Even the lives of animals around us, have a special meaning and purpose in our hearts.

But when nature finds a way to take it's toll, it is often shocking to us first worlder's. I think of that cute little kitten, named Peanut who passed away in my house a few weeks back. It was very sad to see the little thing struggle. But it had severe deformities, and just wasn't meant to be. The reasons are often unseen or even beyond understanding. Why must this kitten suffer? Why must that fawn never learn to walk properly? Why did that baby squirrel get pushed out of the nest to the ground when it was so young it couldn't even open it's eyes?

But are we really that far distanced from nature? Disease still takes it's toll on humans, no matter how hard science fights to find cures and work arounds. In the end there are no solutions, only compromises and trade-offs in the medical field - and science and our study of it is a natural aspect of our progression as a species (and thusly created by nature also). But what about addictions and overdoses? Again, I think nature finds a way to bring a balance. If every child grew up healthy and smart and able to resist the social hooks that pull people into darker aspects of life, than sure the human race would prosper. But would it? I am unsure.

But this line of thinking also brought me to the question of what is God. Would God allow kittens to suffer? Would God allow a human being to be drawn into a life ending addiction? The answer is yes. It is fairly obvious that the circle of life and natural selection was a part of God's plan. But what or who is God? The more I think about it the more I am convinced that nature it's self is God. Nature is our creator. Nature brings us balance, and nature is nonjudgmental. Nature is also not bias. It just happens.

But then what is nature? And really what is God? I mean, I guess nature could be considered the combination of energy, chemicals, and physics to form a cauldron of living space. The laws of nature - the laws of science, and physics are essentially the laws of God. But nature goes far beyond that cauldron. Nature extends far out into the darkness of space. Everything is connected by nature. Every religion of earth as well. When we die our energy and body return to that cauldron too.

Now, being raised Roman Catholic, I guess one might ask what of Jesus Christ? Is he still the Son of God? I would say yes. In effect we all are the child of nature. Jesus was a very spiritual and special person who touched the lives of so many. Is our understanding of him accurate? I don't know. I wasn't there, and I really doubt anyone will ever find out unless his bloodline is ever found. But I wouldn't take away from him or his teachings, and validity. He was a good role model and that is what we need sometimes in Modern Society.

I sometimes wonder how many other 'Jesus's' have been out there? Especially in this day and age. So many special people around. So many good people around. But they are often overshadowed by an overbearing social media and news cycle that keeps the masses distracted. I would say that TV, Computers, Phones and that gosh darned social media are all things that try to pull us away - try to keep us away from God. From Nature.

I see Alan Watts did a talk on this matter, and I honestly haven't seen or heard of it. But I shall listen to it at this point of writing this posting and respond with a reaction in the next paragraph.

I think this is a very thoughtful speech. I think having experience in dealing with death and loss, especially at an earlier age, it gave me a little more balance to appreciate the good and the life around me. I do also like how he points out that when people form images of God that they are all exhibitions of our lack of faith - something to hold onto, something to grasp. But that when we don't grasp, and let go of all the idols, than we discover that what the unknown is is you. It is everything around you too. And that when that happens you become spiritual and loving, and caring. You also begin to become part of the world around you, and therefore part of nature and part of God.

Now does this make me a bad christan? I don't think so. I still respect and value the teachings of the Bible. I do still feel that there is a creative force in this existence. And I also feel that being peaceful and being at ease will allow for you to transition to a heavenly super existence afterwards - whether it just be in the memories of others who knew you, or some other level of existence we are not aware of.

I also think that this aligns with some of my observations about super religious or 'Bible Thumping' people. Often they are less religious and genuine as the content they try to preach suggests. I think that just letting yourself be guided by good intent and the respect for life and how things naturally flow around you, is perhaps the way to be. But these are just my random thoughts.

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