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I was practically given this bike by an older co-worker who can no longer ride it. It was in kinda rough shape when I got it, but internally it seemed to be in fairly decent shape. It had been sitting in a garage for the better part of 10 years, and the chrome is all pitted on it. I am thinking of painting the chrome to match the Yellow / Blue / White scheme of the Ontario Northland railway, as that is my favorite railroad at the moment.

This is my first bike, and although it is a 750, it is fairly light compared to today's 750's. I am a larger person myself, so a slightly heavier bike - I believe - would be more stable for me to learn on, then a lighter bike, which weighs only slightly more then I do. Regardless, the price was right, and sitting on it, I can lean it side to side comfortably, and it isn't overwhelming.

The main issue is that the gas was sitting for so long that it turned to varnish. The tank was rusted out on the inside, so I have a plan to fix that. Ball bearings and a tumbler device of some sort should do the trick. This post is mainly for me to keep track on its progress to recovery then anything else.

To Do List (Items in Red are currently underway):

  1. Clean rust out of fuel tank.
  2. Clean out carbs, and rebuild them.
  3. Replace oil.
  4. Purchase and install new air filter.
  5. Remove chrome surfaces, sand them down and paint them.
  6. Sand and paint frame as needed if rust is found.
  7. Check all electrical connections and seal them.
  8. Re-work all cables, cleaning them and re greasing them.
  9. Get front breaks working.
  10. Install Battery.
  11. Install new spark plugs and ignition system (if needed).
  12. Install new fuel lines and petcock valve.
  13. Install new ignition key.
  14. New Tires.

Optional Improvements:

  1. Ditch lights located on lower engine guards.
  2. Amber LED flashing lights on front and rear.
  3. Motorcycle Siren system installed for Horn effect.
  4. Saddle bags installed.
  5. Seat backrest installed.

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