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Today's drill had me practicing more 2 minute drills, in terms of being able to gear up in 2 minutes. Again, I was able to. That being said, On my final run,when I made sure I did every buckle and button up (since my jacket is so old) I ended up taking about 3 minutes - but I wasn't rushing. After that I put on my SCBA and walked a course, up some stairs, down other stairs and around the fire hall until I ran out of air. I lasted 20 minutes on a 30 minute pack, which was longer then I expected. I must learn to regulate my breathing better - but still, I don't think 20 minutes is all that bad. I also found some problems, namely a first aid kit which was damaged, and needed attention. On top of that, I was also allowed to drive Engine 1 today, and backed it into its bay in the hall. Bernie was guiding me, but I was able to get it in in one shot, without having to pull forward to re-straighten. The rear side clearance is about 1 or 2 inches on each side of the truck between walls. So that wasn't bad. Afterwards I stayed a long time, and socialized with some of the guys. Talked politics and about various other things until about 12:20 am. Fun times! Was very impressed they let me drive the truck. Sure, I referenced the fact that I used to drive Studio 1010, and that thing was .. actually bigger then a fire truck in terms of height. About as long as our fire truck too.

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