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Model Railroad: Electrical...


I am making progress on the layout. Currently in the midst of wiring up the new wall and far side of the room. All in all there are 9 switched 120VAC circuits for the loft. most for lighting.

1. General Shop Lights.
2. Train Room Wall Sconces
3. Train Room Day Lighting
4. Train Room Night Lighting
5. Train Room Accessory Power
6. Train Room Night Scene Lighting.
7. Safety Lighting
8. 'Kitchen' Lighting
9. Bathroom Lighting ??

The "Kitchen" is a planned small kitchen area which will be in the lobby of the Loft. During construction it will likely serve as the workshop. The Bathroom may or may not happen.


In any case, there will be an overhead lighting system which will enable day and night time operations on the layout. Night time operations will include a horizon which will feature dimmed lights behind hills, which will shine up on the backdrop to give the illusion of distant streetlights. It will also feature building lights and streetlights on the layout itself. These will not be dimmable, but will be locally switchable using low voltage switches. There will also be a MOON light which will shine across the whole layout. It will also be dimmable. The wall sconces will provide an elegant look to the room when the trains aren't being run.

The Safety lighting will be small lights near the floor which will shine on the floor to illuminate the floor for safe walking in the dark room. Kind of like theater lighting.

There will also be 3 1000 Watt baseboard heaters which will heat the main train room. I am also contemplating some sort of fire protection system.

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