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Model Railroad: 2020 Push!

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There has been some renewed interest for my model railroad as of late. The Scajaquada Valley Northern Railroad has been a long term project that has often taken the back-burner many times. It involves the use of a climate controlled 'loft' space above my Garage, which was formerly a hay loft for the carriage house.

There was some deliberation a while back, as if I wanted to actually use the space for a model railroad, or if I wanted to turn the space into more of a 'Adult Lounge' for a private BDSM play club... While that idea did have some traction and interested parties, it ended up no longer being as appealing of a choice for me long term. So, back to a model railroad it goes.

This is the 2nd attempt I am making at setting up this model railroad, and I do plan on learning from my mistakes the first go-round. I am sure I will still be making mistakes, but I hope they are less serious. The first time round, I began putting up bench work and even installing track before the room was even finished and presentable. This time around, I do plan on having a more formalized plan, to finish the room and bench work to some extent before proceeding with track work.


This time around I have sectioned the loft into 2 sections. The first section will be a little workshop, and possibly a kitchenette. A small bathroom may even be included. The second section will be the main model railroad area, and will encompass a seating and lounge area.

The dimensions shown above give a rough idea of the layout room's bench space. I am thinking 50 inches of space for most of the aisle should be more than comfortable enough, and fat guy friendly. The narrowest part is a 30 inch passage.


The view above looks through what will be 2 walls, towards the window. The camera would be about where the fridge will be in the kitchenette. But it does give a good idea of how big the rail room will be.


Now that that wall has studs in place, this is a few looking slightly to the left, with the camera back father towards the entry door. The unfinished wall to the left will be the back of the kitchenette, and behind that will be a U shaped part of the layout. That U Shapred area will feature the towns of 'Luna Lake', and possibly Ora. Barrington Yard will be located behind the green Couch, about where the wooden workbench is currently located. And 'Amherst' will be located beyond that, where the drywall boards are currently leaning against the wall.


And just for the record, this photo above shows 'Thomson Bay' which is in the corner on the bench where the woodworking equipment is currently located. The area the couch is in will be open, and have about a 8ft by 8ft area for lounging and mancave type stuff.

I have been putting quotes around the names, as I am still not 100% sure that the town names will stay as is. But for now those are the working names.


The railroad will have a locomotive scheme similar to this one.


That is it for now. Stay tuned! And as always, I am interested in entertaining anyone who wants to assist me in this project.

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