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I have a tendency to enjoy late night drives. And since I am not really working, there is nothing stopping me from enjoying them at any time I wish. The problem with living in Buffalo however is that the area is generally so boring. Farmland anywhere within 2 hours. See, I enjoy wooded paths, and actual wilderness. But I am a crazy Canuck, so I guess that explains that. That being said, there is still a lot to do in Buffalo for someone like me. Patrol the highways, watch trains, patrol the side streets, cruise and keep an eye and nose alert for fires, drive through the ghetto... Its all good. As nice as it is to enjoy a drive alone from time to time, it is often more fun and entertaining when you can enjoy it with a friend. Either in convoy or in the same vehicle. Problem is finding a friend who likes being out at 2 am on a cold night... :) Often a tradition of late night driving is to visit Tim Hortons and other 24 hour facilities and purchase small snacks or drinks along the way. While this often burns through money, it is something that just has to happen. Otherwise it seems like we don't belong. It is almost like buying passage into the next stage of the drive. Kinda funny how that works, but to me, that is the best way I can describe it. Ah Fun times :)

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