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Memories: Ron's Cottage

As I enjoy another quiet evening on my patio, with the fire crackling away beside me, and the play by play of the Montreal Canadians creaming the Jets in playoff hockey. I am reminded of a night I spend at my Uncle Ron's cottage. Ron is a great guy, and I really looked up to him. I still do, tho we rarely talk. The thought came to mind as Ron himself played in the NHL, and maybe the smell of the fire and the otherwise peace and calm of the evening reminded me.

I was spending the weekend up there with him, and the first night I had discovered his shortwave radio. I also discovered how to work the wood burning fireplace. I think I was about 12 or so. I recall staying up very late, long after Ron went to bed, and listened quietly to a program I found on shortwave. Coast to Coast. I listened astonished to the story of Shag Harbour, and the UFO encounter and attempted recovery there. This rang close to my heart with my own UFO experience.

But that was such a great night. And honestly I think it was the first night I felt fully trusted, and fully allowed to make my own choices. It was a good memory, in his old cottage up on Stoney Lake, Ontario.

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