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Memorial Day: Louis Scalzo

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Louis Scalzo was slain April 20th 1963 in the backyard of his home - which is now my home - in North Tonawanda. His energy and memory still exists here, and the peaceful glow of such a good man slain far too early in life.

Louis Scalzo was very active in the community. He was a tavern operator (Bob's Rendezvous in Williamsville, NY) and purchased the tavern after a Hotel he owned in the Tonawanda's was burnt to the ground. He was also a sealer of weights and measures for North Tonawanda, and a Republican committeeman. He also opened the Twin City Nursing Home, and the Twin City Ambulance Service. Louis was one of the original owners of Twin City Ambulance Service in 1955 and sold the company in 1956 at the age of 25! He was a Korean War Veteran, where he served as a paratrooper. He was injured in combat and had an honorable discharge. I wonder if he got the idea for starting an ambulance company from his experiences in North Korea?

Louis also kept some dogs - perhaps bred them? And also kept a very lavish grape vine, which was used to make his own wine for his hotel and tavern operation. A hidden room in the basement was actually built during prohibition to hide the wine and act as a wine cellar.

The murder was never solved. However due to some of the paranormal insight into Louie and his attempts to communicate with various people who enter the house, we can form some idea of what happened. I also have spoken to Louis' son George, who told me that the suspect at the time was Louis' former business partner from the hotel which burned down, and they wanted to collect on the insurance money. But that suspect was killed a few months later, and so was never tried for the murder of Louis.


The paranormal findings directed blame towards a Benjamin. Julie and Benjamin were mentioned, however Julie was Louis' wife, so who was Benjamin? One theory points to Benjamin 'Sonny" Nicoletti Jr. who was a mafia operative at the time, and eventually rose to be a local boss. Mary was also mentioned, which was Julie's mother, who owned the house, and passed it down to Julie.

One paranormal expert with no prior knowledge of the story mentioned that she knew that Louis was shot in the head first, and then the heart. She said he complained that his head hurt a lot for some reason. This coincides with the above article.

The Hotel fire, which from my research happened at a hotel which once stood where Burger King now stands in the City of Tonawanda (not in North Tonawanda as the article suggests) was mentioned as a possible mafia job.

Investigation and analysis is still ongoing. But we do remember and honor Louis Scalzo. A great man, forever to be remembered.

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