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Masks vs No Masks

Thoughts and Politics

It seems very clear to me that there are opposing forces at work here. The visible signs of a cultures background, belief system, and political viewpoints can be summed up with a simple observation. Do they have a mask, or not?

This is for sure beginning to divide the nation, and the world.

The World War of the Masks may be upon us.

But maybe it'll start slowly. Or maybe things can continue peacefully. What about a whole separate economy for Maskers vs No Maskers? Stores that cater to one or the other, but not both? Schools that cater to one side, or the other? Healthcare that caters to one side or the other.

I suppose there will always be a way to cause a divide in a population. It used to be common to use religions as a justification for a war. Since science is a religion now, would it be equatable to suggest that this might be an attempt to cause a divide in order to spur a global political war to bring socialism to power?

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