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March Update! Spring is coming! Yay!

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Strangely enough, this Wolf, is a Pisces. My Birthday came and went, and now I guess I am a little older and wiser. But still the same old flirtatious me. I was treated to a dinner at the Melting Pot on my birthday by my lovely wife. It was wonderful as usual! For my birthday I am awaiting 2 gifts. Well 3 if you count the new house... The first gift is a AWVR 1206 SD40-2 N Scale locomotive with DCC and Sound. It will be a very cool collection to my N Scale Model Railway which will begin to take shape in a few months. The second gift is a bit of a personal gift. I have always wanted drawings of myself in wolf form to use as an internet identity. Well finally I have an artist who is also a friend from back in my Exploring days, who is willing to do a furry drawing of myself. Of course it will likely be NSFW, as I tend to be NSFW in general. But I do hope it will be in good taste and I look forward to seeing preliminary sketches. And the third gift is of course my house which I am in the process of purchasing. It is a 1700 square foot house in the Tonawandas, which has a nice 3 car garage, and lots of room for my model trains and other hobbies! I should be into that house in May. Work is going well. I can't discuss it in detail here, but there are many projects underway. I feel confident about the upcoming test I need to pass to retain the position. I do need to study a little, but all in all, I feel that I have a good grasp on the position. I can't wait for spring, and in fact a few weeks after spring melt, when the rivers calm down. I really want to go hiking in Zoar Valley again. That would likely be a Friday Morning event I imagine. I am also kind of looking forward to doing a little yard work around the new house and experiencing the 'joys' of property management. I will likely eventually be looking for a tenant for my upper apartment at the new house, if one of my friends doesn't want it. That is about it at the moment. Other then the fact that I have been working on a Minecraft world. This world is including a Kirkbride building which is coming along quite nicely.

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