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Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love Themself

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I'll just come out and say it: It can be very hard to love someone who doesn't love themselves. Those who have been in this position, will understand. Whether it be addiction, depression, or any number of other factors, if someone doesn't love themself, it makes loving them as an outsider, that much more difficult to actually love them. The anger you feel, when you see them participating in self-destructive behavior. Questioning if your love for them is even worth giving, and holding onto, if they are unable to keep themselves healthy and take care of themself.

Of course, I imagine it is different, but still hard, living in a situation where the loved one has no choice. Due to an injury or disability, they need constant care. That is draining and a sacrifice in a whole other way. Those who stick with it, are saints. But it often becomes so consuming that it can't be a task that is possible for a single person to tackle.

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